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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Evelyn

Evelyn is four years old, today! She has been in a great mood and enjoying all the hugs and attention. She'll get a cake and frosty paws, later.

She was particularly happy that she was not the one getting the bath. Pearl is a digger and we are entering the mud season.


Infinity Quilter said...

Too funny...poor little Pearl. She better get used to the baths!

Happy Birthday Evelyn!!! Next week Riley will be 5!

Thearica said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn.. :-)

Paula said...

Happy Birthday miss Evelyn...hope they're spoiling you extra today.


Stephanie D. said...

You can just see Pearl saying, "Aw, gee, dad, I'm not so dirty, really I'm not. See, I can get this paw clean in just a jiffy. Watch me."

And sweet Evelyn lying back there with all the composure of an adult who knows if you don't make a mess (or don't become one), you don't have to clean one up!

Happy birthday, Evelyn! Like Bill Cosby says in one of his early routines about "Jeffrey": "I four years old!"