"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cute and Gorgeous

This is the time of year that quickens my blood. We have fought the good fight against Old Man Winter and by now, we've had a few days or stretches of days with spring-like temperatures that reassure us that the battle has turned and we will soon control the higher ground. The sun is coming up earlier in the day and there is daylight left when we clock out. When there has been 2 or three days of sunny, warmer weather, we are startled to notice buds on the trees. We wonder where those came from and whether they will survive the next cold snap. When we step outside early in the morning, the birds are shrieking and we wonder to ourselves when they departed. Like some relationships and many passions, we often don't notice they've left us until they return. I always think of spring-time as life renewing itself.

Husband says it is just nature's way of making you glad you didn't kill yourself when it got so cold, dark and miserable.

He is not really very touchy-feelie.

Pearl has taken to lying on the edge of the lap quilt that I keep in the den.

This is one of my favorite quilts and is a scrappy pineapple.

Evelyn is just so pretty. Pearl attempted to hump her, last night, and Evelyn flipped her on her back and chewed her up to let her know to mind her manners.

Yup, she's the queen.

And she knows it.

It is good to be the queen.

Then again, it is good to be a cute puppy.

I have been in a bit of a lull on my cases but that is rapidly coming to an end and things will be shifting to higher gear, next week. I have been letting Pearl go out by herself, frequently, in anticipation of being out of town for a few days for quilting classes later this month. We aren't going to be crating her all day. I am taking some long arm classes as part of the Wild Women Quilters on Tour with Karen McTavish and Sue Patton. Really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the court scheduled a trial on the last day so I won't be able to linger.

Don't you just want to kiss her on the mouth?

Okay, not everyone's cup of tea.

To take my mind off the awful economy, I have focused on the girls. Guaranteed to lift your spirits.

She is such a lover. If I am not careful, she is going to turn into another daddy's girl. She is just full of smooches and wiggling. Think of a little baby girl waking up from a nap and looking for a hug. She is just that sweet.

When she isn't determined to eat you up!

I love puppy pads. Love them. I especially love Pearl's.

Good Lord, that is one cute baby.

Husband and I need to sit down and figure out when we can get back to Oklahoma to recharge.

Even if just for a few days.

More pictures of the queen:

Happy Spring.


Paula said...

If my dogs were that adorable, I'd never get anything done, I'd be a cuddling fool. My 13 year old Chow does have a perpetual grin on his face...tends to make people nervous. Evelyn does have a slight mature look about her now that she has a little sister.


charlie said...

Penny, It is really a shame you don't love those girls enough.

Kathy said...

I just love those close up pictures. Especially when they are laying down and just have that "I am relaxing" look.
"Husband says it is just nature's way of making you glad you didn't kill yourself when it got so cold, dark and miserable." I really had to laugh, the thought does cross the mind even if it is just for a brief moment. :)

jacquie said...

it is good to be queen! and to have a little princess. happy spring to you too.

Infinity Quilter said...

Awww, wish I lived closer. Auntie Amy would love to puppy-sit while you're gone. ;0) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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