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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pearl is in the house!

If you want to see a video at the breeder's house, including lots of puppies in crates, check this out.

Here's Mama!!

Isn't she a beauty? And sweet? The name, Angel, suits her. She reminds me of Jezebel.

The first meeting of the two didn't go that well. Evelyn was pretty freaked out. Here is a video of that.

I made a rather disjointed video of her ride home. It is disjointed because I was holding her AND the camera. Here it is

But once we got them home, they got along beautifully. Here is a video of them playing. If you watch it all the way through you will see our neighbor who stopped by.

She has been doing great. Right now, she is snoozing in her crate, four paws up. No accidents, yet. In fact, she has used the loo outside everytime we've taken her. She also has a hearty appetite!

Sadly, my camera broke, today, which probably explains why so many outside pictures with both girls are blurry. I guess I will head out to replace it, tomorrow. There is just no sanity in having a new puppy and a blog but no camera.

She is the definition of cute. And sweet. And feisty.

We love her, already.


linda schiffer said...

OMG, she's ADORABLE!! They are so cute together.

:) Linda

Penny said...

Thanks, Linda! We think we lucked out and got a very good match!

tisme said...

What a little darling! I am sure they will be the best of friends.
I see you are the proud Mama!!

Infinity Quilter said...

She's absolutely gorgeous!!!! Hmmm, so was Pearl telling Evelyn she will be the alpha dog? LOL Give them both a hug from us. I hope sleep time goes well tonight.

Anonymous said...

What a great pair they are going to be and what fun.

Pearl looks so bright and healthy. Evelyn seems really tickled with her.

I am soooo happy for all of you. Lucky dogs and lucky parents.


everythingquilts said...

OMG, she is so cute. Evelyn looks excited about having her around too.

Anonymous said...

Pearl is a doll - and a lot bigger than I thought she'd be. I'm so happy for you and for Evelyn.


Anonymous said...

Look how much she's GROWN!! Wow!

They look wonderful, and I'm sure in a very short period, they will be best sisters!

I'm so excited for you!

Linda said...

Those gorgeous pink ears with the sun shining through them! What a beautiful, beautiful baby. I'll bet your hearts are so full! She really loves her sister Evelyn already! Look at them chasing around each other. Oh, what a wonderful day! Thanks so much for posting.
Lurking Linda

Pam said...

Oh Penny,
She is a little sweetie!I too was surprised at how much her little features have developed since the baby photos. You guys make such a happy family.Congratulations, and all the best to you all.

ranette said...

Pearl is just precious...and so is Evelyn, of course. Have fun with them!

swooze said...

Oh happy day!

michelescottage said...

She is absolutely gorgeous Penny. I too think she is bigger than I thought she would be with all of that fluffy beautiful fur. I am interested how Evelyn goes with her in the next few days.
We are bringing Abby home tomorrow and I am anxious as to how Kira my old labrador will take to her...

Pearl is just lovely.

Nancy said...

Pearl is splendid and Evelyn came around as the day went on. I enjoyed her trying to "just get away" early in the video, then accepting the inevitable and beginning to play and enjoy Pearl. I did have to laugh, when Evelyn went in through the doggie door the first time and Pearl was looking for her. I could hear in my head the old cartoon doggie voice, "Which way did she go? Which way did she go?" Aren't blogs wonderful? I can enjoy a new puppy without having to clean up the mess. Now if I could just pet her through the blog too....

Holee said...

She's a sweetie! Evelyn is a magnificent dog. Considering the changes she has had to make and how well she is doing it. She handled her grief & yours by giving love to you that maybe she didn't know she had and now becoming the caretaker of Pearl.

I do have to feel sad for Angel. You can see in the video her alarm. I guess it's just something a mother can sense when her children are ready to leave home.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I am so excited for you!!! Is it sad that I watched all of the videos?? hahahahahaha Looks like they were getting along pretty good outside. :)

Paula said...

Aren't they just the cutest??? Evelyn's gonna love having a sister to run and play with. Pearl sure has grown, hasn't she? Has she opened her gifts yet?


Stephanie D. said...

Awwww, what a beauty! She's lost that baby look and now just looks like a mini-Evelyn! I am so surprised how quickly she resembles a grown Samoyed--just a micro-version!

Love how Evelyn played hide-and-seek by going in the doggy door! lol

When I picked out my mutt, Libby, I followed the advice of someone, I don't remember who, which was to
1. Call the dogs. See which ones come to you.

2. Turn them over on their backs in your arms. If they lie there without trying to right themselves, it shows a trust in you.

Looks as if Pearl met both those criteria!

Pati said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Enjoy your new baby!

JessicaSews said...

What a doll!
The videos are fun. I laughed when Evelyn ducked in the door and Pearl was looking for her!!
Enjoy the moments, you are sure to have a lot to write about!

~ Jes