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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

We couldn't be more pleased with little Pearl.

She was only up a couple of times last night and went to the bathroom as soon as we set her down on the lawn (2:00 and 6:30). Really, that is not too bad. She hasn't particularly fussed over being in her crate and it has been such a nice day that she had several backyard sessions to stretch her legs and play with Evelyn.

My camera broke, dang it, so a new one is ordered. I ordered a Canon G10 and it is due to arrive on the 11th. In the meantime, my current camera can do some digital macros but getting the distance is iffy. For some reason, the lens will no longer retract. Online research suggests this is a common problem.

Accordingly, I have made upteen videos that I have uploaded to Youtube. Here is one of Pearl with her toys.

Here is another playing with Evelyn.

Here is a longer one of her playing with her toys.

I managed to finish the first three blocks on my latest quilting project. I am debating what to call it. The black and white background fabric is called Gypsy Princess and I guess that is as good a name as any. Here are a few pictures:

Pearl is getting trained up on being a good quilting buddy.

Like Evelyn:


Linda said...

What a happy house! Your blocks are looking super as well.
Lurking Linda

Paula said...

Love the blocks and how you're putting a splash of color in each one. The puppies are simply gorgeous!! At church this morning, I had anyone interested gathered around a computer watching cute puppy videos.


Sherry said...

How precious. Almost...ALMOST makes me want a furr-ball.

katie z said...

You make such amazing blocks!