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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Not the best picture but surely one that will bring a smile.

Indulge me while I post a few pictures. I am getting used to my new camera and really don't know what I am doing. I tried to take some pictures, outside, this morning but it was cold and I didn't want to stand out there and freeze. So I came inside and lay on my belly to take pictures. Pearl thought that meant she could boss me around. The whole dominance thing. These sweet pictures don't tell the real story behind my trying to take pictures while keeping her from chewing me up and jumping on my head.

I had a trial scheduled for this afternoon but knew it wasn't going to take much time. It was a custody case and the father was just getting out of jail at 8:00 a.m. Trial was at 1:00 p.m.

I strongly suspect that his defense counsel knew he had the court date, today, and worked out a plea so he wouldn't still be locked up.

And the really sad part is that anyone would think that would make the difference...

I figured the mother would show up but he wouldn't. An hour before trial, she called to ask if she could skip it because a friend got stabbed last night and really needed her.

Jesus Christ on a cracker.

Some of you know where I picked up that phrase.

So I told her she needed to be at court because otherwise, they'd dismiss her case. Okay, I'll admit I also told her she needed to get there on time because I had a puppy in a crate and needed to get back home. Sometimes I worry that I am too hard boiled. Hey! It is not like her friend had died or anything.

She showed up a few minutes late. She had one of her daughters with her and they were chattering about going out to get a pedicure as soon as they left.

So much for her poor stabbed friend.

Truth be told, I think she just made that up so she wouldn't have to interrupt her afternoon off. I mean, after all, it was just a trial dealing with custody of her children. Apparently, the dog-ate-my-homework sort of excuses are passe.

It would have been a heck of a situation if mom had stayed with her stabbed friend and jailbird dad showed up to be awarded custody. It could happen. So maybe his criminal defense lawyer really was brilliant, after all.

I got out of court within a hour and stopped by Petsmart to pick up a fourth crate for the baby. We already had two big ones (den and my office) but she was outgrowing the small one (bedroom). Husband suggested we just bite the bullet and get another large one. So I picked one up and brought it home. Turns out, our other big crates must be medium sized. The new one could house a small pony. Wearing a western saddle. We stuck her small crate in there and now we can't find it.

I haven't done any quilting, lately. I am afraid that as soon as I get started Pearl will need attention. Maybe I will get some quilting done this long weekend. If I don't, that is okay, too. Pearl is so darn cute I can't stand it. I suspect I am releasing endorphins just looking at her.

I think she loves me, too.

We take her for her first visit to the vet on Saturday morning. She has already had her first round of shots but getting her to the doctor within a week is part of our contract. We are taking her to Jezebel's regular vet because we figured it would make him feel better to know we still trust him and want him to look after the baby. Plus, staff there was very upset to have lost Jezebel. We figure seeing Pearl will bring a smile to their faces.

Lady Evelyn is so pretty. She got into trouble today for playing too rough with Pearl. It didn't seem to bother Pearl but Evelyn needs to understand that this is a BABY. She got the same lecture my kids used to get when they played too rough with their younger siblings. Well, the youngest never got that talk. Instead, she would sometimes be told to not bother her brother and sister. I think I cautioned her at one point that she was taking her life into her own hands if she continued to push them as far as she was. Her sister would have just fussed and done some foot stomping (and CERTAINLY some tattling). Her brother might have actually thrown an elbow.

They're past that, now, for the most part.

Evelyn has taken to pretending she doesn't hear us when we call her. Husband was out with her for twenty minutes, this evening, trying to get her to come in and she kept racing past him like he was one of those orange traffic cones.

She wouldn't have pulled that on me...

Maybe she is regressing because of a new baby in the house.

Look at this face!!!!

There is a new Youtube video up. When you look at it, be aware that I know I should have shut it down as soon as Pearl signaled that she was done. I can't get Blogger to put in a link for some reason, so if you want to cut and paste, here it is:


Holee said...

Maybe Evelyn just needs some special time with you, like a nap with you in the guest room without pearl, or a ride in the car. We all need our special time to be loved alone.

Sherry said...

To put your YouTube video in your post...(This took a while for me to figure it out too. Then one day...OH LOOK! That's what I need!)

Go to the YouTube link with your video. Look to the right of the video for "Embed." Highlight the link and right click 'copy'. I can't put it directly in my blog post from there because it cuts off the end of the link. So...open Word and past it there. Then, highlight that, right click 'copy'. Go to your New Post and click paste where you want the video.

Also, if I edit the post for anything, I seem to lose the link so have to repaste it.

Good luck!

Once again. ALMOST makes me want one of those furrballs!

lindaschiffer said...

Have you ever read any of Temple Grandin's work? She's an animal behaviorist (partially famous as well as being an autistic person:).

I _think_ Dr. Grandin would say that Evelyn is not testing you so much as reacting to the new situation and being unsure that the rules are still the same. She probably will just need firm guidance for a few days (and some extra one-on-one love time:).

A child learns fairly early on (age two? three?) that some rules change from house to house and adult to adult and some stay the same. I am not so sure about a dog? Although, my little dog certainly knows who he can push around (me:) and who he needs to obey (Daddy), no matter where he is located. :)