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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Watch 6:30 - 7:00

The sun is starting to come up and people are packing in like sardines. Big change from even an hour ago. People appear to be extremely excited. I worry about old people since they can't bring in chairs. The windchill is about 8 degrees so I hope they bundle up.

The Metro Trains are starting to fill up and there are long lines at some stations at the ticket vending machines (I am surprised people didn't get tickets ahead of time!). Some trains aren't too full but the parking lots are so people are having a hard time getting to them. Some people are switching to public buses to get to the metro stations and that seems to be working well, for some.

The quiet jubilation in the streets that was reported, earlier, has given way in some areas, to agitation. Apparently people are getting off the metro trains and walking several blocks to the mall but are then turned back because they don't have the proper ticket. I would be one of those people agitated just from the stress of so many people. Reportedly, there is a lot of walking to and from the mall to certain metro stations as people are turned back. The ones coming back are getting back on the trains and looking for a different place where they can get to the mall. I expect they are worried that while they are wandering around, the mall will fill up. I believe they are going to stop allowing people in when they reach 300,000.

Edited to add - Matt Lauer from the Today Show was one of those people turned away (from someplace) so he is now in the studio instead of reporting live from the scene. Security is very tight.

Unfortunately, one of the main streets that was still open has been shut down due to a bad crash.

I won't keep doing this every half hour - don't worry.

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