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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Watch 5:00 - 6:20

So I was up at 5:00 this morning. I am working on a quilting block in honor of the inauguration and it was supposed to be posted at that time but is hasn't been, so far. So I have coffee and out of curiosity, I checked out the traffic to see if it was as bad as predicted. The bridges into DC from Virginia are all closed and the only way to get into the city from the south and west is via public transportation. 5:00, Huntington Station was closed (full) and traffic was backed up pretty far from the Springfield Station (south) and Vienna Station (West). Both of those stations were half full at 5:20 a.m. I don't think the traffic is as bad as predicted but I am not in the middle of it so I may be wrong. Reports are that it is very crowded at the Metro Stations but "not too bad."

6:00 - They are suggesting that people take buses to the outlying Metro stations because most of the metro stations with parking lots are filled. What a drag for the occupants of zillions of cars sitting on the interstates trying to get to the metro stations. I wonder what they will do, now?

Flipped on the television and had a chance to watch a bunch of people, many who camped out on the mall since about 4:00, giddy with excitement. Many smiles. It is about 20 degrees but at least it isn't snowing. They show people being dropped off from cars to walk to the mall, carrying blankets. Blankets are allowed but I have to wonder if they will have to check all those blankets for security?

I read that the Bushes have already moved nearly everything out of the White House and Camp David starting last summer. About all they have left are some personal items and suitcases. There will be no moving vans out front taking their stuff so the Obamas will be able to move their things in pretty swiftly. I understand that will take place while the inauguration is being done. In interviews I've seen with Laura Bush discussing life, post presidency, I detect an underlying giddiness at being back home in Texas. I can certainly appreciate the joy she must feel to get back home.

I may post more, later. Right now, it is pretty dark so the news reports only show so much. It is a very exciting day!!

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