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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We drove about three hours to see the puppies, today. They are adorable. And healthy. Recall that there were two litters born a couple of days apart. The Mamas are precious. Here is White Girl (I posted a picture of her, a few days ago).

Here is Crystal and her babies. She is nuzzling Green Girl.

Here is Crystal's Black Boy and his sister, Blue Girl.

Crystal snuggled up next to Husband who was holding Yellow Girl.

By mistake, both Angel and Crystal have daughters labeled "Yellow Girl."

Here I am holding Crystal's Blue Girl.

Here is Crystal's Pink Girl. She's fiesty!!

Prophet (the sire of Angel's puppies) is gorgeous.

Here is Husband with Crystal's Pink Girl.

Here is Angel. She is tiny. When we first got there, I held her daughter, White Girl, and she jumped on on the couch next to me, pressed her muzzle on my leg and fell asleep. I looked down at her and was so reminded of Jezebel, who would do such a thing, that tears welled. I had a hard time noticing the babies for a few minutes. I just wanted to dote on Jezebel, er, Angel. They don't look alike but the sweetness was the same.

Here is Prophet, again. He is so beautiful.

Crystal's babies.

Another of Crystal feeding her babies.

Crystal's babies.

Prophet and Angel's White Girl.

This pretty boy is an uncle. He was such a lover and so beautiful. I wanted to take him home with us. I am sold on girls but he just about made a convert of me.

Another one of Crystal's Black Boy.

White Girl, again.

I'm posting a link to a Youtube video. The ones at the begining are Angel's and Prophet's, and the ones after that are Crystal's. I apologize for the crappy video but I was just taking shots while I could.

I posted a picture of "White Girl" a few days ago. She is the little darling at the beginning of the video singing her heart out. The vocal little guy who is part of Crystal's litter is Black Boy. He looks like an Alpha male, to me!

And in addition to all the puppy excitement, I am participating in a BOM with the HGTV message board. They posted the first block, today. Perhaps I will be able to work on it, tomorrow. I'll post pictures.

And as for Jezebel's Quilt. I ran into major problems. After hours of working I checked the tension and it was completely ruining the back. I spent hours ripping out the setting blocks and parts of the other blocks. I should probably rip out all of it. I decided to go back to trying to quilt in some paw prints and I think it may turn out better.

Happy New Year!!


Sherry said...

LOL This is like viewing photos of EVERY baby in the hospital nursery! It is extremely evident from your post that you truly enjoyed yourself.

Stephanie D. said...

I clicked over to the video and turned the sound on--and Tandi went nuts! I have never heard noises like that from her throat before! She was quivering all over and so distressed when Black Girl was crying--jumped up into my lap and tried to get to that pup through the screen!

After the video was over and she had calmed down, I clicked onto Evelyn Unplugged and the barking didn't faze her at all.

She's never had a litter, but I'm thinking her momma instincts must have been stirred by that little one.

What adorable little furbabies!

jacquie said...

oh penny they are adorable...more than adorable. you must be sooo excited.

Paula said...

Been waiting all day to see puppy pictures. They're so precious! You didn't sneak one home in your pocket, did you? Evelyn will have so much fun when you bring Pearl home.


Nancy said...

The puppies were perfection! When will they know which pups are show quality and which will be available for pets? Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Sorry about the quliting snafu. But this quilt will be worth all the trouble. Maybe you were meant to quilt paw prints all along.

Owens Family Adventures said...

How cute are they!!!! One of them seemed like she was singing already. I'm glad you're getting another baby to fill your heart.

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute looking! I have some questions, though.

First, why a girl over a boy puppy?

One thing that has always impressed me about Evelyn is how full and bright white her coat is. Prophet looks like he has less fur than Evelyn. Does he get hair cuts, or is it just my imagination?

I'm sorry about the frog stitching - the quilt looks so lovely on the front.


Anonymous said...

I'll take one of each of those puppies!

Love 'em,

Penny said...

Janet, Prophet has his show grooming on so that is one reason he is so much tidier. Plus, Evelyn has a coat like you wouldn't believe by any standard. Spayed females tend to have heavier, softer coats. Her coat is amazing. And why a girl and not a boy? Husband is adamant that boy dogs pee on the furniture. There is no talking him out of it. He has only had girl dogs and that is what he wants. So there you go.

You've heard of Alpha male? Yeah, only one allowed in this house, apparently!

Anonymous said...

You betcha, one alpha male per house!

Thanks for the explanation, and happy new year!


Linda said...

OMG they are all so beautiful! My heartstrings just tugged and tugged! Deep breath, only a short time (relatively) to go!!! Really too bad about the quilting. It's a very disheartening thing! I did see some pawprints on another blog (sorry can't remember which) and it was loops--looked really quite easy?!
Lurking Linda

Kim (kimberliiw) said...

Ugh about the tension thing, I have such a problem with fmq and tension on my generic sewing machine. OMG those puppies are adorable, if I could I would take every one of them. Can you take Evelyn along and see which one she bonds with? As easy going as she is though she'll love whichever one you pick

Linda said...

http://jacksonpatchquilting.blogspot.com/ Hi, found that blog with the pawprint quilting
Lurking Linda