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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jezebel's Quilt is up on the frame

I've had Jezebel's Quilt up on the longarm most of the holiday and have been working on it off and on when I have down time. I am still learning how to use the longarm and this is a style that is new to me. I used my round acrylic templates and it is a definite trick to hold them steady.

Previously, I've made a halfhearted attempt at feathers but they were gruesome. Accordingly, I didn't even consider trying them on Jezebel's Quilt. I am taking a class in Victorian feathers next March and hope that helps.

Jezebel's Quilt has six large setting blocks. I'd sort of planned to McTavish them and shade in some paw prints but decided that was beyond my skill.

I think I got better as I went along.

Yesterday, Evelyn was a real Daddy's Girl and wouldn't have anything to do with me. Today, she is back to being a Mama's Girl.

I spent HOURS rearranging my sewing room and refolding fabric.

Seriously, this is ridiculous.

Sunday, I ordered some longarm needles and So Fine thread from Columbia River Longarm Quilting. I thought long and hard about getting a Stitch-in-the-Ditch Ruler but was too cheap to shell out the $14.00. They sent an e-mail to let me know it had been shipped but I got a call this morning from the store. Seems they accidentally sent another lady's order, as well. That lady's order was similar to mine. She ordered So Fine thread (several cones were even the same color as I mine). She ordered needles that fit my machine and a Stitch-in-the-Ditch ruler. They wanted me to send her order back back but I told them to just bill me and I'd keep it. When they sent my invoice, they didn't charge me for the Stitch-in-the-Ditch ruler or the needles. I feel like I received a late Christmas present!

We will probably hear from the oncologist this week regarding Jezebel's final pathology report. If it comes back that she did, indeed, have melanoma, we will know that it was only a matter of a short period of time before we would have lost her, anyway. If it comes back that she didn't have melanoma, I am going to probably have to be committed because I may be a danger to myself from grief. Losing her to an anesthesia problem when she'd beat the cancer would be so hard to accept with any grace.

We hope to drive over to see the new babies sometime later this week. Here is a picture of one of the nine pups:

Before long, they won't even look like hamsters! If we go, I hope to be able to take some pictures. We don't know which one we'll get but we will surely be tempted to grab them all and run.


Anonymous said...

The quilting looks lovely, but right now I'm having major stash envy. If I lived closer I'd want to come over to play!


Linda said...

I don't have stash envy cause I got plenty of my own!! but I'd be tempted to steal your long arm! I do love the quilting you're doing on Jezebel's quilt--it's glorious! Way to go! A great gift for you--but a stitch in the ditch ruler is for longarmers, right?

OMG that puppy is the cutest! Looking forward to seeing the real Pearl when you get her home.
Lurking Linda

Paula said...

It's hard to believe you haven't had the longarm a year yet. You do such beautiful work.

If you run off with puppies and need a place to hide them, my inlaws live just the other side of the water in Newport News. LOL


Stephanie D. said...

Awwwww--I'm smitten! I've just been reduced to a baby-talking, puppy-sniffing smoochy mess here.

South Jersey Quilter said...

Penny, if it was the anesthesia, you couldn't have predicted it or changed the outcome. I've been an RN for 20 years, and I've seen a man go in for shoulder surgery and end up dead. So no matter what the tox report says, don't beat yourself up.

On a lighter note, have you considered going to MQX or another of the longarm shows? They are fabulous, and you can learn so much that your head will spin.


Infinity Quilter said...

Your quilting looks great to me. I haven't tried to attempt using rulers yet. Love the stash pictures. I just posted a link to pictures of mine as well. Look at that little furball, black nose and all. I can't wait to see puppy pictures!

ranette said...

You are doing a beautiful job on Jezebels quilt! I also have LA envy and puppy envy after seeing that babies picture...ahhhh

ranette said...

Oh you could also go to Texas and take lessons from Linda Taylor. I have several friends that have done that and they said it was well worth it.

elsie123 said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that stash! I probably have enough to keep up with in my shoe boxes of scraps and pieces sorted by color, but wouldn't mind having the problem of stacks like you have.