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Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Nice Pictures of Evelyn


Nancy said...

I just love seeing her sing! And the colors coming through the door onto her white fur are just beautiful...thanks for sharing, Penny!

Stephanie D. said...

Sorry for the lack of comments, but I have been reading--just really busy.

But I have enjoyed all the photos of the girls, and Evelyn is looking very huggable these days. Just want to bury my face in that gorgeous fur and listen to her sing!

Linda said...

She is soooooo beautiful! And your photography is great!
Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

What is Evelyn looking outside at? She looks so gentle and sweet. Love her.

We didn't have power for four and a half looooonnnng days here in NH. Glad to be back to on the computer again. Got to have my daily 'Penny Quilts' fix!


Penny said...

MAR, right across the street where Evelyn is looking is that damned inflated Santa.