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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quilting on the Range with the Coyotes Howling

I had a conference call this morning so while I was waiting, I worked on Jezebel's quilt. I had to be dressed to head straight out to court.

You haven't quilted until you've done it wearing cowboy boots.

Evelyn has camped out with me in the sewing room and several times broke out in song.

Here is the quilt - I am starting to pull it together. I left some bare setting blocks to have a place to play when I quilt it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Penny...momma grey is 11 years old. She probably doesn't have a lot of years left in her...that's old for a grey.

someone else is 'looking' at her this weekend. If they turn her down..I'm gonna keep pushing. I think the brick wall is weakening!

Owens Family Adventures said...

It is so interesting to me that she will just start singing like that out of the blue. You gotta wonder sometimes what goes through their heads. hahahahaha Great pictures!!

Linda said...

I love Evelyn's singing--wish I actually had audio. She seems to be really happy--good on! The quilt turned out beeautifully!
Lurking Linda

elsie123 said...

Do people tease you about your boots??? They look sharp (and warm!).

Penny said...

Elsie - Nope - they are too busy sniggering about my Texas Twang!

I have MANY boots and they are all I wear to work. I will post a picture, soon. I actually get lots of compliments on them. Living on the East Coast - and the fact that I am clearly not from around these parts - a lot of people give me the benefit of the doubt and think it is charming. One of the judges said that I was the only guardian ad litem who could field dress a moose! (I think that was a play on Sarah Palin).

I tell the parents of my clients to just look around for the middle aged lady wearing cowboy boots. They never have any trouble finding me.

Stephanie D. said...

Nice boots!

And I'm glad Evelyn feels like breaking into song. You've gotta get that on video sometime so we can all hear her!