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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Lovable Thief

I don't have any pictures to post, today. I'm working on another pair of blocks - this time "Wisconsin" from the Carol Doak Fifty Paper Pieced Stars. I've posted a block using this pattern, before. Recall this one.

I did not have court today so I was able to work at home. Husband also worked at home. I don't know if that is the reason but Evelyn had a pretty good day - the best since we lost Jezebel, by far.

I was working in my office when I heard the sound of her collar tinkling. When I looked around, Evelyn was making off with a particular beige spool of thread that she has made several unsuccessful attempts to steal in the past. It is still wrapped in plastic but you can see toothmarks on it.

I took it away from her and because her eyes were sparkling and because she was clearly in a mischievous (or perhaps larcenous) mood, I attempted to get her to play with me. We tend to be pretty gentle at our house and don't do a lot of shoving or rough horseplay. I made an exception by dropping to my knees and shoving her shoulder (gently). She exploded into a puppy bow and that led to several minutes of racing around the upstairs, jumping on the bed, whooping and bowing (I am still winded, several hours later). I finally collapsed on the bed and she collapsed right by me. For about ten minutes, she SNUGGLED! I got a ton of kisses and not the sad, dutiful kind she's been handing out for the past week or so. These were enthusiastic and sincere.

Jezebel used to snuggle up as close as she could get. Evelyn usually keeps her distance. For a few minutes, she actually rolled over on her back and tried to scoot closer, ala Jezebel. I know she will never be Jezebel and I don't want her to be. But I really appreciated seeing the smile in her eyes and that she drew close instead of away.

Evelyn walked around the house much of the day with her characteristic prance. She smiled at the mailman, smiled at the neighbor, smiled at Husband, smiled at me, and screamed at the neighbor's cat (that b*stard!). She has taken to looking back to see if we are following her when she wants us to change rooms. In the past, she let Jezebel worry about the details of how things worked. I caught her watching us with her head up and bright eyed interest quite a few times. Such a difference from the forlorn, sad, laying about she has been doing. She has also come over to be petted several times. Did my heart good. I did some crying for Jezebel this afternoon while I sewed. Still, I smiled a lot more than I have been, thanks to Evelyn.


Paula said...

Penny, so glad to hear that you're having better days. You've touched so many hearts with your stories of the girls. Don't know when I've ever cried before about a dog I've never even met. I even told hubby I'd like our next puppy to be a Samoyed rather than a chow. I agree with everyone else that says you make a great writer. Oh, and I've had no luck finding the OU ornaments, but I'll keep looking. God bless.


Linda said...

Yay Evelyn!
Lurking Linda