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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Countdown to a Puppy

I finished another pair of blue and yellow blocks - "New Jersey" from Carol Doak's 50 Paper Pieced Stars. I sort of screwed up the color placement and one of them is not squared like it should be. The ruler slipped.

All in all, I am pretty happy with them. I personally like a little more OOMPH but Husband likes more pastel so I am really, really trying to not get carried away with color...

Evelyn had another good day. That makes it easier for Husband and me. She has been snuggling and cuddling alot. We had our first snow (flurries) of the season and she liked that.

I spoke to the breeder about how the mamas of the two litters are doing. Both of them are experiencing a drop in temperature which could mean babies in a matter of days. She is excited and so am I!

We discussed names. I have wanted to have a puppy named Pearl for a long time. In fact, Jezebel's name on her Pedigree was Jezebel Pearl. Evelyn's name on her pedigree is... Pearl. We named her Pearl but after two weeks of listening to Husband say he liked the name Evelyn, we just switched over. Apparently there is some obscure rock song that has a line about "Evelyn the modified dog," that he liked. How ridiculous. He has agreed to name the next little girl Pearl so maybe this time it will take.

Here are all the Blue and Yellow pairs I've finished as of tonight:

I suspect if I had waited until after I had a good night's sleep to square up the blocks the ruler wouldn't have slipped. So on that note, I think I shall retire for the evening.


Linda said...

Have a cuddle and a good sleep, Penny. Sweet dreams about Pearl. My goodness you sure have done some beautiful quilts!
Lurking Linda

Diana said...

I love the blue and yellow blocks!

I'm so excited about Pearl! I can't wait for you to give us the good news!!!

Big hugs to you, your hubby, and Evelyn!

ranette said...

I think Pearl is a terrific name for the new girl. The blocks look wonderful!

jacquie said...

pearl...love that...i hope it sticks too.

Infinity Quilter said...

Love your blocks. Hope all goes well and there are plenty of girl puppies to choose from. Pearl sounds like a lovely name.

Nicki Lee said...

Penny you always amaze me with your gorgeous quilts - this blue and yellow one is stunning - you certainly have mastered pping!

Pearl... the name is so pretty - wishing for lots and lots of pretty puppies.Waaaaaaaaa I want one!