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Monday, November 24, 2008

Pity the Fool Who Comes Home to This

I had court this morning with a darling young lady who was so nervous I thought she'd have a stroke. She was being charged with a failure to appear but the reason she didn't make it to court that day was because her mother forgot to bring her. The good news was that she was at school on the day in question, even though she should have been at court. She got a glowing review from the probation officer and the Prosecutor moved to dismiss the charge. It was over and done within 3 minutes and she stood their stunned. The smile that erupted on her face carried me through the next couple of hours. What a sweetie. I love cases like that!

I have also had a long, drawn out social services case that involved a mother who abandoned her newborn child at the hospital, gave a fake name, etc. Two years ago we had adoptive parents thrilled and ready to keep her when the mother changed her mind and stepped back into the picture. Not only that, but she got around to telling the father of the child (they have four other children, together) that she'd had another baby and abandoned it. The father didn't know anything about the fifth baby because they'd been separated for three months at the time the child was born and she'd hidden the pregnancy from him prior to that. I don't understand how that could happen but apparently it did. We wondered if he wasn't the father and if that was why she did what she did, but parentage testing established that they were, indeed, the biological parents.

The next two years involved the natural parents going in and out of the baby's life. They'd get motivated, then they'd drop out of sight. The reason it took as long as it did to get the matter settled was because even though the mother was a pretty easy call, the father by all accounts didn't know about the baby when she was abandoned. Moreover, he was sort of working and didn't have a record. He had a hard time keeping a roof over his head and his relationship with the mother was utterly dysfunctional. There were three different times when I thought that baby was going to be returned to his care but something always happened.

Sometimes they were going to get back together, then they'd break up. The mother caught some serious criminal charges and the father covered for her. Their relatives kept appearing and would offer to take the baby - then not follow through. The prospective adoptive parents went through hell. Fortunately, the child remained with the perspective adoptive parents the entire time so was not disrupted.

Finally, enough was enough and rights were terminated. The final adoption papers were signed and the case was closed, this afternoon. I am sooooooooo happy for that baby and her parents. I feel bad for the bio parents but you have to put the child, first. And high time. If the child had not been safe in the home of the adoptive parents the entire time I would have been raising heck sooner than I did. I was practically apoplectic about the need to let this child be adopted towards the end.

I went to three Wal-Marts on the way home shopping for my favorite stacking crates for my stash. I found 24 of the suckers and spend a bit of time this afternoon worrying about Jezebel and arranging my stash. That sooths me (arranging the stash). Here is a picture:

I also swung by the doctor's office to pick up a prescription. I see two doctors in the same office and some lab work had been sent to the second one by my General Practitioner (I have referred to her as Dr. Death). When the staff for the Second Doctor saw that I was there, they asked me to hang around because he could go over the lab report when he was done with a patient. How nice was that!!!???? He wasn't too concerned about the lab results. I tried to pay him for his time but he refused.


I was angst ridden about Jezebel, all day. My latest theory is that she doesn't actually have melanoma. No, my girl has squamous cell carcinoma. Ask me how I know?


At any rate, the oncologist called and we are taking her in, tomorrow, so they can look at her nose. It could be a recurrence (god forbid) or granulated tissue (proud flesh). I have asked them to do another biopsy so they may do that, too.

I have tormented myself into thinking that she was misdiagnosed and that instead of the getting the treatment for squamous cell carcinoma (which is a month of having radiation everyday), she got the treatment for melanoma. My angst assures me that she will die as a result.

I feel so sorry for husband who is homebound, even as I type. Between me and Evelyn, he has no idea what madness is waiting for him.

Well... maybe he does.


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing at all.


Paula said...

Definately keeping good thoughts for all of you.


Stephanie D. said...

Here's hoping it's just scar tissue. I know how it is to torture yourself with the worst possible scenario.

Evelyn looks like she's up to something for sure!