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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Less than 1600 Days

I have a countdown clock on the right hand side of my blog that is set for Husband's earliest retirement date. When he can retire - and not a day later - we will head home. This morning, I mentioned to him that I had the countdown clock (he refuses to look at this blog or any other blog) and told him that we are under 1,600 days before we can move home. He asked if it was set for his birthday and I said yes.

"We'll be back a lot sooner than that," he responded.

My heart leaped. Of course, that might mean he would be commuting and I wouldn't wish that on anyone but my heart STILL leaped!

Jezebel is feeling a little puny from the antibiotics.

Her nose is really, really sore, too. A neighbor stopped by and without knowing anything about her troubles (besides that she'd had the problem this past summer) mentioned that Jezebel sure was skittish with her nose. No question that she has some sort of infection and abscess. It appears to have shrunk a bit, today, but of course it is sore.

Today, you can't see it unless you are trying really hard. Yesterday, it was pretty obvious.

When she had the tumor, this summer, she didn't favor her nose, at all although she began sneezing furiously about a week before we caught it and her eye started watering several days before that. This is definitely different. Maybe that is better? We'll see.

I've been tidying up my sewing room and cleaning the carpets. I'm a little under the weather. Husband said I looked funny and that something was wrong with my eyes. I muttered something and he looked closer.

"Are you crying about Jezebel????"

"Nope," I sniffled. "I'm holding it in."

Apparently not too well.

Back to tidying the sewing room.


Diana said...

Awwww, Penny!

Big hugs for you! And don't hold it in, it's not good for you.

South Jersey Quilter said...

Sending good wishes out to Jezebel and to her parents from New Jersey! I'm thinking positive for you all!


ranette said...

Here's a big Oklahoma
for you!!!

Linda said...

Many many hugs. Hang in there!
Lurking Linda