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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crafting and Canine Therapy

I think Jezebel is feeling better, today.

I got up about 5:00 a.m. (per usual) and cruised the net while Husband slept in. About an hour later, I got cold and went back to bed. Jezebel jumped up on the bed with me and after petting her a little, I snuggled up to Husband and shoved in under his chin. I'm not sure he appreciated it. His chin was so scratchy it nearly took my skin off. A couple of minutes later, Jezebel snuggled up along my back and laid her muzzle on my neck. How cozy is that? Honestly, it was just a magic moment and we all fell back to sleep. That's a memory I'll treasure.

Evelyn was on the stairs landing looking out of intruders. No one showed up, apparently. She is not the snugglet her sister is.

There is a cute pumpkin tutorial from Pieces of Time Blog that looked pretty simple. Here is a link.

I can't say that I followed it perfectly, but it gave me a general idea how to make a pumpkin. I used scraps of the fabric instead of cording. I made four, this morning, and it only took a few minutes.

It turned into a challenge, unexpectedly. First, I went out to the woods to get some twigs for the stems and Evelyn became quite agitated. The sticks are HERS. She kept coming and getting them out of my box and was honestly perplexed when I'd tell her no. While we were twig hunting, I came across a big, healthy toad and tried to show it to Evelyn. She was oblivious. Jezebel was clear across the yard and came arunning when she saw us looking at something. She is the family hunter. Poor toad. She worried it but did no harm.
The next problem is that the pumpkins are kinda round. Like a ball. Jezebel thinks the balls are HERS and kept stealing them. I'd have to go after her when she'd grab a "ball," and Evelyn would snatch a stick while I was busy.

I felt like a one armed paperhanger for a few minutes.

I can't say they turned out perfectly.

Seriously, that stem is way out of scale. Regardless, I enjoyed doing them and used up some of my batting scraps that I fished out of the trash. They were "hellbent" (get it? Halloween?) for the landfill. So we're doing our part to go green at our house. I also used some fabric that I bought before I understood that cheap was not necessarily a bargain. It is not fabric I would use for a quilt because it is too thin but it works great for a craft project. I also used some LQS quality fabric but only had a little so this was a good way to use those pieces.

Nice to not waste anything. Well, unless you consider the whole endeavor kind of pointless. The way I see it, stitching is calming and helps keep my fingers nimble. Perhaps I will be able to lead craft groups at the nursing home should I become a resident.

Here is Jezebel sitting next to "her" pumpkin.

And here she is looking out the front window.

She does this on Halloween, too. Husband tells the little kids that the girls are ghost dogs.

The leaves are just about at peak, around here.

I think they are going to drop a little early, this year. I bet we have a hard and/or early winter.

Here is Miss Jezebel - see those happy eyes?

I'm now off to work on making some binding.


Owens Family Adventures said...

I think the pumpkins turned out really cute!! Your is the 2nd or
3rd blog that I've seen them on and I think it's a sign that I need to make some myself. heehee
So glad your girl is acting like her old self. Don't you just love it when they cuddle up next to you. :)
have a great day!!

Owens Family Adventures said...

ummm that should read...."yours is"
man oh man I'm turning country out here fo-sho!

Stephanie D. said...

Awww, love that cuddly moment. Tandi likes to lie on the back of the sofa, and that's where I head when I wake up in the morning. (I have to rouse in stages). Many times I'll lay my head back and she'll roll hers back and we snuggle for a while. She was sick this weekend, and spent the night at the animal hospital, and I really missed the snuggle.

That tutorial looks easier than the one I'm planning to do, but I think I like the one that's made in sections better. I believe it will hold it's shape better. It won't get done until next week, though, after all my Halloween madness. When I do finish it, I'll post a photo for you to see.