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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Community Connections

Sometimes, to relax, I shop for fabric, online. I don't always buy anything, but I do like to "window" shop.

This morning, I checked in on an online shop that is physically located not far from my house. I have ordered from them for years and always gritch to myself that it would be so cool if I could just knock on their door and get my stuff. I've thought about doing it or at least calling them to ask if I could drop by to pick stuff up. Never had the nerve. I was afraid they'd think I was a nut.

Anyway, on their website, they advertised the annual quilt show for a nearby quilting guild that I have often sorta half way planned to check out. I decided to swing by the quilt show and it was just lovely. Lots of nice quilts and a bunch of nice ladies. I think I am going to check out a guild meeting and see if I like it. The location was easy to get to and that is where they hold their monthly meetings.

They had us fill out cards denoting our favorites in four categories: traditional, contemporary, mini and UFO (unfinished objects). Each quilt was already marked regarding its category. Husband went with me and ooohhhed and aaahhed right along with me although he continues to insist that unsymmetrical quilts should not be allowed.

There was one lovely Dresden Plate quilt that was in the "traditional" category. He'd already selected his favorite traditional quilt but liked this one, too. He looked it over carefully and discovered where "he" thought she should have done some additional crosshatch quilting. Once he discovered the "lapse," he pronounced that it was not finished and put it down for his favorite UFO. He wrote them a note of explanation. For a man who thinks rules are essential, he certainly seems a bit creative with their application. I hope the lady doesn't take offense.

As for me, I fell in love with one particular traditional quilt. I was a little surprised it was deemed "traditional." It looked pretty contemporary, to me. Right next to it, was another nice quilt that I didn't like nearly as much. However, when I looked at it closely, the hand quilting just blew me away. It was perfect. Just perfect. I HAD to put that quilt down for my favorite because I couldn't let that sort of talent/expertise go unacknowledged. In a larger show, they'd separate the hand quilting from the machine quilting - they really are a different skill set. (Frankly, I think they ought to put "binding" in a separate category.) But this was just a small, sweet show and I am so glad we decided to drop by.

And as an added plus, turns out the owner of the online quilt store whose website gave me a heads up about the quilt show had set up her wares in one of the rooms. And then, the stunner: The shop is open to the public three days a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it. The lady is less than 15 minutes from my house and I shop from her, anyway. Good heavens. When I told her who I was, she laughed and said that every time she got an order from me, she thought to herself that it would be easier to just drop it off than send it through the mail.

Am I am idiot or what???

After the show, we ate dinner at our favorite German restaurant, also near our house. They are finishing up Oktoberfest and we wanted to get their special beer while we could. After the season, we'll have to wait another year for them to bring more back from Germany (they take a trip to Germany every Labor Day and bring it back with them).

I finished gluing on the binding to the Surf and Sand quilt. Here is where I was preparing the binding - you an see the fabric I used.

Here are some pictures after it had been glued on.

Here is the backing that ate my lunch, repeatedly.

I'm darn pleased with that miter - I usually muck them up.

I will start hand stitching it, this week. I should be doing it right now but hahahaha - I'm doing this, instead.

No more Octoberfest Beer for me, tonight.


tisme said...

Penny, my art test was a lot like me. Thanks for the link.
BTW, when I have a bad day, I also shop online. I go to one of my favorite online stores, totally go crazy buying things and then leave without checking them out! Makes me feel better and I don`t spend a penny. lol

ranette said...

I also shop online when having a bad day, but sometimes I do check out...uh oh! The surf and sand quilt is so lovely, blue isn't usually my color but I love it and you've done a great job with it!

Anonymous said...

Is this the first time you've glued the binding? It looks great - that is one wonderful miter you showed.

There is one thing about hand quilting...I love doing it, but in the time it takes me to hand quilt one top, you will have produced hundreds of quilts! So, don't rush the glue review, I have lots of time. Sigh.

The Surf and Sand quilt is gorgeous, by the way.


Penny said...

Janet, I've used glue stick but not regular glue. Glue works better, I can see that, already!

I am soooo ready to start a new project but I have some UFOs I ought to be working on.