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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time to switch gears

In a comment I posted, just yesterday, I wrote that I tend to reach a point where I am ready to stop one project and begin another. Yesterday, I was considering doing 16 quilt blocks, total. Today, I did one more block, for a total of twelve, and am ready to wrap it up. Part of the reason is because my new, current plan - subject to change because there ain't no quilt police in this house - is to make some fancy, schamcy sashings. Those will take some time and fabric, and will make the quilt big enough so that having more blocks hurts more than it helps.

Today was a day to eat bacon. I've previously mentioned that one of my daughters enrolled us in the bacon of the month club for Christmas. Inspired idea, let me tell ya.

Here is a picture of Evelyn waiting for her share.

Husband cooked his famous baked beans overnight (they have bacon in them - also jalapenos from the garden) and I had some for breakfast. I also had some for lunch with some scrumptious bacon and tomato sandwiches. We have had the best tomatoes from the garden, this year:

I also finished the last quilt block - England from Carol Doak's Mariner's Compass Stars. Here is the pattern:

And here is my version:

I am NOT happy with the center and it is a little lighter than I wanted. I was using up some scraps and now wish I hadn't used those. I couldn't get it to line up to save my life but I've hit the wall on this project and am ready to do something else.

Here it is with all her sisters:

I'm interested to know if you have a favorite block. Because there is an even number, I can't put it in the exact center but I AM interested.

Here are three:

That's Germany, Israel and Netherlands.

Three more (in the middle):

Brazil, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Three more (on top):

England (the one I did, today with the crappy center), China and Japan.


The last three are Montana, Oklahoma and Indiana.

I haven't decided the order in which I am going to place them, but my current plan is to set it on point with paper pieced sashing. Those are going to take awhile to stitch and assemble.

Now I need to go do some filing. Grrrr.


mabrule said...

I don't have a favorite because they are all beautiful! If it was my quilt I would probably put the two with the darker backgrounds, Germany and Israel, in the center. You do beautiful work and I love reading your blog.

Infinity Quilter said...

Germany is my favorite of the blocks. I can't believe how quickly you made these 12!

Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful, but Oklahoma is wonderful!


patsycracker said...

netherlands is my fave, as it has a lot of motion(lots going on) If you want, you can add us, Sherry and Patsy to your map, as we live in an unusual place-Tenerife in the Canary Islands- originally from Calif-the Sher-and Ct for me, Patsy, is my first home.By the way, absolutely love following all your thread-totally inspiring!!!

jacquie said...

loving them all...especially china.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

China, Netherlands & Japan - in that order! I wish I could say Oklahoma because I know how long it took you to make. Also, even though Indiana looks a bit fragmented compared to the others... I think that block has lots of possibilities for a fireworks or snowflake theme. Looks like a cold winter day to me (even though I know you are using beach fabric).

But really, you should be pleased with all of them - lovely, beautiful and precise all. Do YOU have a favorite???


Anonymous said...

I think Israel with the dark triangles would look the best in the center. Oklahoma and Indiana are my absolute favorites if I could only pick 2. Love them all!

Tamara said...

HI, I am new to yiur blog and love it. The stars are stunning. I even just bought the book!My favorite.... I can't decide maybe Kentucky.