"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boomer Sooner!

I wandered upstairs to work on a block this evening and spent several minutes trying to find SOMETHING to watch on TV. I am sick of watching political commentary. I am weary of Hurricane Ike because the guys who stayed behind are asking to be rescued and it aggravates me. The pictures in Houston where the windows blew out of the tall buildings are cool but they kept showing the same stuff and it got boring. I started to watch some rodeo but quickly realized that I'd have to actually WATCH it (as opposed to just listen to it) and I know that when I am stitching, I am not paying much attention. Happily, as I channel surfed, I heard the them announce that OU would be playing Washington in a few minutes.


Okay, well, it was a slaughter but at least OU wasn't the pig. Sam Bradford did a swell job. I'd read that he was talented. This is not Sooner Country and around this area, about all you ever hear is that Switzer was corrupt and Stoops seems like a straight shooter. It was nice to find an actual game!

While I watched/listened to the game, I worked on Brazil, from Carol Doaks Mariner's Compass Stars. Here is the pattern:

The last piece is when you put in the the center. This part:

I decided that I liked it better without a center so just didn't add it. It was a pretty simple block.

Here are all the blocks for this challenge, to date.

When I started this project, I'd tentatively figured I would just do about nine blocks and make a wall hanging. Like a lot of quilters, I get bored with a project at a certain point and start itching for some new colors or techniques. Boredom hasn't set in with this project, yet, so I'm thinking I will finish 16 blocks and then decide if I want to keep going.


Stephanie D. said...

They are looking good! I think it's prettier without the circle in the middle. You have that polkadot fabric going on and that softens all the angles just fine.

I have been tired of all the politics for a very long time, and DH has it on all the time--when he's not watching reruns of Frasier and Andy Griffith and Roseanne. Makes me crazy.

I like to have previously seen and enjoyed movies on when I'm doing something, because I know what's going on without looking and if I get distracted, I can pick up again in no time.

Last weekend I picked up about a dozen books on tape from the flea market. I've found that the weeks when my schedule gives me only one night off at a time and I stay up, I enjoy listening to the book while I sew.

Nancy said...

I thought of you as we channel surfed last night and saw the OU game on. DH wanted to watch Ohio St-USC, to be sure State got beat, he's a Michigan fan. (We didn't discuss the fact that my ND beat them earlier.)
You blocks are wonderful, and I especially like the one with the daker blue corners as a center. I'm sure you noticed this already, but 3 of the 4 blocks surrounding it make it appear to extend into them with the light triangles the flying geese make (at least in the photo). Do you see what I'm saying, I don't think I'm explaining it very well. I get excited when I see a secondary pattern in quilt blocks, as I've had to train myself to look for and recognize them. I used to look right by these, seeing them but not really registering them. I'm enjoying watching this come together.

Paula said...

Penny, I've missed checking your blog while we didn't have power. Still don't have cable so am playing on the church's computer. I laughed when you said the windows blowing out in Houston was cool. We kept seeing things blow by during Ike but couldn't see what they were. Later found they weren't parts of the house so we were blessed. Still lots of trees and power lines down. What a wild ride! Am going back to take another look at all the pics of the girls. I love checking in on them.