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Saturday, September 20, 2008

May the Angel of Death Pass By (granted - the title is pretty melodramatic)

The phone rang at 3:30 this morning and Husband answered it. I listened in silent prayer that my kids were okay. You never stop worrying. He is not a fast waker but this morning he sounded completely alert, even intense. "When? Where? Any survivors?"

I forgot to breathe.

He continued, "When did this happen? Were they landing or taking off?"

At that point, I caught my breath. My kids weren't flying anywhere this weekend and he is in the aviation business. Plane crashes, especially smaller planes, are a regular occurrence although calls in the middle of the night don't happen very often. As soon as I took a breath, I immediately sent up a silent prayer for whomever was affected by whatever Husband was discussing on the telephone and a special prayer for the parents of whomever might be lost. I wondered, as I always do, how anyone could possibly bear to lose a child.

I went ahead and got up so he wouldn't have to try to throw together a bag while trying to not disturb me. He tried to feed the dogs at 5:30 a.m. but I convinced him to wait. The girls didn't appreciate my interference. A cab hauled him off about an hour later.

Most of the day has been spent in front of the television watching "BREAKING NEWS." About midafternoon I decided to work on my quilt sashings. I'm afraid this is going to look a little weird, now that I look at it.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to locate enough fabric to finish but couldn't find any, anywhere online. I will switch to plan B as soon as I figure out what Plan B is.

And on another note, my office phone has been ringing of the wall and I am NOT answering it. But I will worry. I hope all my GAL kids and their families are okay. I know that sometimes I sound pretty harsh but that doesn't mean I don't get pretty fond of most of them. Even the stinkers.

Evelyn is missing Husband. She periodically breaks into whimpering when he is gone and that rolled into a howl, earlier. Jezebel joined her but her mood was completely different.

Jezebel has been a happy girl, all day. She usually is.

Here is Evelyn with her beloved packing material that she snitched out of a box of toner. She doesn't mind sharing with sister.

Jezebel is pretty much kicking back.

I'm off to cancel our reservations at our favorite restaurant. I hope Husband will be home while it is still Oktoberfest because we look forward to having their specialty beer, every year.

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Stephanie D. said...

One of these days you're going to have to YouTube those singing Samoyeds so we can all hear!