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Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Detour

There is usually at least one day in the early fall/late summer that I take time to set out fall decorations. It is different than putting out Christmas things - less busy, more mellow. I find myself singing or humming to myself while I do it.

My grandmother had what she called a "Ming Tree." She left it to my mother, who always hung holiday ornaments on it. Mom gave it to me and for the past year, I've put leaves or seasonal flowers on it (or not) depending on the season. Here it is by the front door:

Evelyn's favorite perch is on the stair landing.

Here she is, singing. She likes to sing. Jezebel is at the top of the stairs singing with her.

Don't look at that person in the mirror. That's just the maid.

And here is a wall hanging I made last year.

I also made a table topper, last fall.

Here is my fall lap quilt that you've seen, before.

On a wild hair, I decided that I needed a new fall wall hanging to hang on Evelyn's Landing. I didn't want to paper piece it - that takes too long and I was in the mood for something traditional. I decided to go with a ninepatch - can't get much more traditional than that.

When I rotary cut, I like to go to Eleanor Burns for reminders.

You can't beat her for that sort of stitching. Her directions are the clearest of any I've ever seen. I highly recommend any of her books to a beginner who is looking for a project. Even people, like me, who have done this a few years can benefit from her books. Here is one that has some pointers for nine patches.

I like quilt shops that tear their fabric instead of cut it. It keeps the bias straight.

I didn't start this until after 3:00 on Sunday and broke for dinner with the neighbors. Here it is on the design wall.

It came together quickly.
I threw it on the frame and did some quilting.

Simple stuff. All I can handle. I finished it up this morning.

Here are some pictures.

I need to put on the binding and throw it in the wash to pucker. I guess I ought to put a label on it and also need to put on a hanging sleeve. It measures 28 X 28.

But right now, I need to go to work.


Owens Family Adventures said...

I love it when you post pictures of the dogs...or should I say Girls. :) I have a question for you...is their singing something they do because of the breed of dog they are or do they sing just because?? As someone who is lucky enough to be owned by a dog (heehee it is totally what she thinks) I love reading about yours. They are just beautiful! The quilt is lovely too!!!

Lindsay Jean said...

I love your Autumn decorations! The little tree is just beautiful. Do I spy a tiny spider hanging from it? Can I beg a close-up shot off you?

Anonymous said...

Your house is so beautiful!! Ya ya ya...the decorations and quilts are nice. The girls are nice...but your HOUSE..lovely!! :-)

Our labs used to sing to the sirens they heard. And when you lived a block from the firestation, we heard a lot of singing. I always wondered what went thru their minds!! Our Greys don't sing. Some do...they call it roo-ing. But ours don't.

Wonderful pictures!