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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Indiana Block

Block four of the Surf and Sand HGTV Challenge was based on the Indiana block in Carol Doak's Fifty Stars book. Here is the pattern from the book.

I showed the finished block to Husband and he said something about it looking "psychotic." I see his point. I kind of wish I'd gone with a very light blue on the star part (the part that is currently plain white). Oh well, it was fun to make.

Well, it is not my favorite but I've been wanting to try it and it turned out okay.

Jezebel was at my feet as she usually is when I am in the sewing room.

See her muzzle? It is starting to get fuzzy, again! Do you see that white spot on the top? That is actually a little tuff of hair!

Look closely at her eyes. Do you see that? Yup - that's love!

Here are all the blocks for this challenge, to date.


Becky said...

I LOVE the blocks. Fabric choice is wonderful as well.

Jacquie said...

they are looking really nice together...i kinda dig the psychotic one!

Linda said...

Hi Penny, I kinda agree that the star should have been pale blue. When I read that, I had to look again to actually see the star--I'd only seen the "psychotic" pieces! so happy to see a happy puppy!
Linda (no blog)