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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Sewing Room

Every project results in my sewing room looking like a tornado hit it. I usually spend some time straightening the room and putting things away to prepare for the next project. Just makes me feel better. So anyway, this morning, I straightened up and decided to take a few pictures of my sewing room and stash. I still need to refold some fabric and for some reason, the pictures look out of focus. I don't know where the girls were while I was taking picture. No wait, yes I do. Husband was downstairs cooking bacon and that was much more interesting than mom folding fabric.

Here is my ironing station.

Here are my batiks that I keep in CD holders. On top is my asian fabric in the middle bins and some miscellanious on top.

Here is some thread - I have quite a bit more. There are cones of thread in the basket but the regular sewing machine thread is on the wall. My son and daughter-in-law gave me that clock! I keep most of my books on this shelf. I keep ones I use a lot right by the sewing machine. My Carol Doak books are off in the pattern cabinet.

Here is my Gammill Premier Plus. She did an absolutely terrific job on the Patriotic Quilt - no skipped stitches, smooth, just perfect.

Here is part of my stash on the north wall. I have my extra sewing machine under the stash. I also keep extra muslin there. To the left, I have some plastic cabinets where I keep patterns, Carol Doak books and orphan blocks. Some of my rulers are on top. The blue box is my working sewing basket.

On the top is my Certificate to show I am admitted to the United States Supreme Court.

At one point, that meant a lot to me but these days, well, that is a Samoyed Webkin next to it. Pretty much says it all!

Here are several pictures of my sewing machine, including my cutting station.

Here are my reds.

Here is some backing fabric that I keep hanging on the back side of the closet door. Behind it you can see part of one of my design walls behind the door.

Here are my neutrals. I have some muslin on top and more underneath the north wall stash.

Here are my yellows, oranges and greens.

Here is where I keep my fat quarters. I keep them in shoe cubbies. Beneath that is where I keep my browns and some florals. This cabinet is pretty messy and I need to fold some fabric.

The reason you don't see my blues and purples is because they are messed up and I didn't want to take a picture of them! I have a ton of blues. I should probably be embarassed to have so much fabric.

I am fortunate to have such a large room and will miss it when we go back home to Oklahoma. At our Oklahoma house, I will have a decent sized bedroom for my sewing machine, cutting station and ironing board, but the Long Arm will have her own room in the barn. I will actually end up with even more room, but it won't all be together in the same place. I am fortunate, anyway you look at it.

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maria said...

OMG! You've got so much fabric there, enough to open a store!

What a great sewing room.