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Monday, August 11, 2008

Disgusting Things

Want to see something completely disgusting? Yes, I am sure you do. This weekend, I decided to get my scraps out and organize them by color. I previously had the ambitious (and unrealistic) notion that I should sort them by size and shape. I spent hours going through them one weekend but that was all I ever did. Since then, I've just sort of held on to anything much larger than a quarter. Here are some "before" pictures:

The "after" situation is much better but I didn't bother to take any pictures. I also threw away two trash bags full of scraps that were just too small to be of use to anyone. I suspect MOST of my scraps are useless but I am not ready to let them go, yet.

I had big plans to work on the patriotic quilt last weekend but ended up primarily seething over John Edwards. Husband asked me several times why I was so restless and acting weird. Clearly, the news did not strike him as a big deal. He said, "I EXPECT that sort of behavior from a politician."

"Are YOU going to do that?" I snapped.


Clearly not.


"Because I swore in front of God and everyone that I wouldn't."

What? Oh yeah. Okay, then. Good enough for me.

To his credit, he thought the "other woman" looked like bar trash.

I also went on a fabric buying binge, which I haven't done in a couple of months. It was completely unhealthy. It didn't make me feel one bit better about Scumbag Edwards and his better-half-who-I-am-also-disgusted-at, either. [WHAT WERE THEY THINKING TO RUN FOR OFFICE???? - CLEARLY THAT FRUITCAKE WAS GOING TO SPILL THE BEANS AT SOME POINT NO MATTER WHAT YOU PAID HER - CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THAT WOULD HAVE DONE TO THE PARTY IF HE'D BEEN A VICE PRESIDENT, A KEYNOTE SPEAKER OR, GOD FORBID, A PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE??? (and that is just my angst regarding the political point of view - forget all the interpersonal fallout)].

And here I thought he was gay, all this time.

At any rate, this week is the judicial conference which means I don't have any cases scheduled until Thursday. I spent the morning making phone calls, answering e-mails and working on alternative blocks for the Patriotic quilt. Here is one that is unsquared:

Here are some of the blocks laid out with that alternative block:

Hmm. I sure an using a lot of fabric on the alternative block. And it isn't really a fun block to make. I've decided I don't want to do that. Now, I want to do a storm at sea sashing. I need to go make a pattern.

Oh, and BTW - the girls are doing well. We were a bit concerned that one side of Jezebel's muzzle was pinkish until it dawned on us that she probably had a bit of sun burn. Her nostril had two places that appeared to be a bit raw and angry, and one side of the snout has a spot that is dried out (that is where the radiation is being aimed). She was sneezing and snorting for a couple of days following the last treatment but it has gotten a lot better. Her nostril looks a lot better, too.


Anonymous said...

Not to make light of your anger and disappointments...but this line....

'And here I thought he was gay, all this time. '

...made me laugh out loud! Right here all by myself!


Jacquie said...

good for you with the scraps...mine are so much more usable now that i did my organization. i threw a bunch out too. i'm with you on edwards...arrrg! makes me crazy!

Patsy said...

Or, you can be like me and never cut my beautiful fabrics so there are no scraps. Not true but I have not accomplished much on my Butterfly Garden quilt. The class is Sat., and I'm working 10 hour days. I may be up all night Friday. I love your beautiful paper piecing. I am now trying to learn applique for the BG. One heart done so far.