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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Patriotic Heart

What a week this has been. I have scarcely come up for air and really NEEDED a quilting break. This afternoon, as soon as decently possible, I turned off my business phone and rapidly threw together a simple patriotic heart block using scraps. Some of the blocks I’ve made are pretty fancy and I think a simple one here and there will be more soothing.

Here is the pattern and some of the scraps I used:

I’ve made this block before which tends to make it go faster. Here is the same block using Valentine’s Day colors:

Here is the center of the block:

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE specialty ruler. If I could only choose one, this would be it. I do a lot of paper piecing and it has excellent markings for 1/4th inch seams. I also use it to make pineapple blocks (one of my favorites!).

I Ordered a bunch of King Tut Quilting thread, recently, because it was on an excellent sale. It arrived today so I set it around the block to try to take nice pictures. With the cellophane on the thread, it doesn’t really show the colors very well.

Here is the Heart block surrounded by her patriotic sisters!

I’m up to seven blocks, now. I need about 50. I may need to make a few simple alternative blocks if I don’t want to get completely bogged down.

I wonder if I should add corner triangles to the block to make it a little less plain. I kinda think that once I get it in the quilt, especially if I sash it, the simplicity will be a welcome relief to the eye. On the other hand, adding a dash of color would be super simple. Dunno - what do you think?

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