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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jezebel the Magnificent

OMG - I think we have found the answer for Jezebel. She has been soooooo happy, active and affectionate for the past few days (after looking a little peaked during the first three/four days of being on antibiotics). She is a new dog. I feel terrible that it has taken me so long to get her some help and horrified that I didn't recognize the complete change in personality, sooner. I have attributed her crankiness and quietness to grief upon losing Sapphire, the stress of becoming "alpha" and age. Since she started feeling better, she is back to her old, sweet, sweet self. She is playing nicely with Evelyn and yesterday crawled right up into my lap. I had to shut the laptop and she just sat on top of it. The hound weighs 55 pounds, mind you. She has had a gleam of humor in her eye and this morning, I saw her trying her best to catch a flying bird. The antibiotics have helped her to feel better, I suspect, but they've done nothing to improve her spacial perceptions.

I hope it lasts. She is such a good girl.

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Jacquie said...

I'm so glad she's getting back to her old self. Hard to see our pets not do well. Yippee!