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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pearly Has a Hoodie

Yes, that was in incredibly poor taste, these days.  But sometimes, a hoodie is just a hoodie. 

I managed to finish the shamrock quilt in record time.  I did it because I machine stitched the binding instead of hand stitching it.  It isn't perfect but it is better than my last machine binding attempt AND it is done!

Here it is getting ready to be put on the longarm.  I am actually fairly amazed at myself.  I quilted it in a day and slapped on a binding a couple of days later.  

 Here it is, right after I finished quilting it but before I trimmed it up:
Here is the back:

 This is right after I washed it:

Pearly had been doing very well with her eyes but Mr. Wonderful claimed she was looking a little buggy starting a couple of days ago.  I couldn't really see it.  Yesterday, however, I felt like her eyes were looking a little cloudy even though she was seeing just fine.  By last night, the whites of her eyes looked pink.  We weren't sure if it was just pollen, which has been heavy, or a relapse.  She's relapsed about two weeks after going off the oral prednisone three times, now, and this would be the fourth.  The photos in this blog post were taken last night so you can see that it isn't really obvious that things weren't right. 

When we looked at her this morning, the whites of her eyes still looked pink but not as much.  Her eyes, however, looked decidedly more swollen and I could see they were getting cloudy and blue.  When her eyes get inflamed, the dead cells fill up the cornea making it look bluish.  So we called the specialist and they put her back on oral prednisone for the next week.  We hate to do it but it is better than the alternative.  That was about four hours ago and the whites have already cleared up and the swelling looks to have diminished.  I haven't been able to see if her eyes are less cloudy because we are having area thunderstorms and it is hard to see her eyes with lights from the lamp.  I wouldn't expect them to clear up for several days, regardless. 

She's such a darling.  I am sorry she has to go through this:
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl

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Carol S said...

Penny, your shamrock quilt looks great. I like the puffy effect after washing. Nice job!