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Monday, January 9, 2012

Eye Exams and Keeping Out the Foxes

Yesterday, I set up the pasture cam right outside the backyard fence and caught one of the foxes (I often see two).  In the one, above, the fox is looking out in the direction of the barn.  You can see the lights on  the right that are the windows to our breakfast area:   
 That's Pearly at the back fence barking at Mr. Fox:
He doesn't look too concerned.  I think foxes understand how fences work.

I set the trail cam on the video setting, today, so maybe I will get a video of the dogs fussing at the fox, tonight.  I've not seen any coyotes up this close.

Pearly went to the eye specialist, today, who said that her left eye still has a "spot" but she is looking much better and her right eye looks healthy.  She has to stay on drops another 5-6 days but is off the prednisone, antibiotics and dilating drops.  She says she may simply have come off the medication, too soon, during the first go round, causing the relapse at Christmas.   She said that she'll always be prone to relapses but that doesn't mean her eyes will be affected, next time.  Good to hear!
In the following photo, she is squinting but I think that is because her eyes have been dilated and that makes her eyes very sensitive to light.  I think dilating drops are satanic - I just hated them when I had to take them early in the course of treating my own eyes:
I also went to the eye doctor and got a clean bill of health.  Finally!  He seemed to think I could also have had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever based on the symptoms, even though the labwork came back negative.

The following is Pearly out in the studio under my Barbie Doll worktable (note the pink paint).  Like Evelyn, she is a good quilting buddy but Pearly is more prone to getting right under my feet.  And not taking any hints to move. 
I went to Oklahoma Quiltworks AND the Savage Quilter, today, looking for some neutral fabric to finish up the border on my 911 paper pieced stars quilt.  Looking forward to going to the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt show, later this week.

Time to go to bed.  Pearly takes it upon herself to round us up once she's ready.  She'll go lay down in the dark on the bed, then practically crawl up in our laps until we capitulate.  She gets a treat just before she goes to bed and that may be part of why she is so insistent that we start shutting things down. 

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Miriam said...

So glad to hear you have been given a clean bill of health with your eyes, Penny. :)
Happy to hear Pearly is on the way to healed eyes too.

Stephanie D. said...

Glad to read all the eyes are better! How about Evelyn and the thyroid condition?