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Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Can See!

Pearl looks to be well on her way to a full recovery from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and is back to her sweet, affectionate, peanut catching self.  I am also making progress although am still on prednisone, have ballooned up and can't wear my contacts, yet.  But with my glasses, I can see pretty well.

Because I couldn't drive, I left the trail cam on out at our property and didn't check on it until a couple of days ago.  It was left unattended for a couple of weeks and there were over 600 photos on it when I retrieved it.  I didn't get any good shots of bobcats (although I saw some in the shadows), but I must have found an area where the deer go through because there were lots of photos of them.   I also caught many photos of foxes, coyotes, an armadillo, a squirrel, rabbits, an owl, tons of raccoons, and possum (one night, one wandered back and forth in front of the camera for hours - that was a couple hundred photos, right there). 

 Isn't she a sweet thing?  She kept trying to figure out the camera.

An armadillo is at the bottom of the following photo.  He wandered around and tried to dig a hole right in front of the camera but it was too blurry to be of much use in sharing:

 This stinker came by a few times, day and night:
My kids all came for Thanksgiving and were here a few days, which thrilled me beyond my ability to express.  Charlie is getting so big and he is SUCH a good little boy. 
 He was a sight for sore eyes.
I hope all of my blogger friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you both can see once again, this must have just been brutal on all of you! Heal well.


Carol S said...

So pleased to hear you both are doing better! Charlie looks so sweet in that cowboy hat (for a New Yorker!!).

Stephanie D. said...

Hurray! Glad you're both getting better! Some pretty neat pics on the wildlife camera.

Charlie is a little doll! Love that photo with the light glowing on his face!

Sheri said...

You haven't posted for awhile. I hope everything is OK. Love the pictures of the skunk and armadillo.

Penny said...

Sheri, thanks for checking on me. I am still struggling with my vision but it is getting better, I think the real problem is not having much to write about - probably should get a job!

Anonymous said...

Like Sheri I was starting to wonder! I hope your recovery continues well.