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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grandpa Wonderful

I had a lovely birthday on Sunday.   First thing, my son and daughter-in-heart called to let me skype with Charlie (I'll try to get some photos of Charlie but since I am not there, I don't have many to share).   Thrilled me to death.

Mr. Wonderful, in addition to giving me my new camera, also baked a cake and gave me a sweet card (also a card from the girls).
 I got an extension tube to take close up photos.  Here are a few:
An extension tube is just about what it sounds - it is a hollow, metal tube that you put between the camera body and the lens, increasing the distance of the lens from the camera.  Nothing else involved - there is just air in the cylinder.  The distance between the lens and the camera magnifies whatever it is you are photographing:
There are macro specialty lenses that are more exact but they cost hundreds of dollars for a good one.  I've spent already more money that I need to for a bit.  An extension tube is a poor man's macro substitute.  Below is a shot of my paper napkins:
This seed is on the shrub in the front planter:
I have to think that is probably a hair off Pearlie:
Mr. Wonderful's corncob pipe:
The top of a little keepsake box:
Self explanatory:
My engagement ring - it belonged to Mr. Wonderful's grandmother:
We had a dropped ceiling in the kitchen that was very well constructed but made both of us a bit claustrophobic.  I have wanted it to be gone since before we moved in a year and a half ago.  Husband insisted last summer that it was a "winter" project.  Well, it didn't get done this winter.  I brought this to his attention and he said, "I never said WHICH winter."

I was not amused.

Well, maybe a little.

At any rate, bright and early the next morning (my birthday!), he began pulling down the ceiling:
Before too long, his dad dropped by to help:
My father-in-law is a marvel.  Almost 86 and he has more energy than most young at heart 50 year olds:
He is a handsome fella:
What a splendid face:
Trust me, he's adorable: 
Mr. Wonderful and his dad are close and I love to watch them working on something, together:
The lines of his face are strong: 
The man did a good job raising his son and I appreciate it.

I wouldn't feel right to not include a photo of the girls:
It isn't the best photo but I liked the action.  That's Pearl in the middle and Kaci in the front.  Kaci is my father-in-law's dog.

Here's what Kaci looks like when she isn't holding off my two hoodlums:

Don't let that sweet face fool you.  She can whip my girls' butts. 

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you're happy these days!!!! And I'm loving those pictures, girlfriend!!!!

Carol - OklaTwister said...

Love your new camera lenses!! We can tell you are having so much fun with them!