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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We've Reached an Agreement

We will be closing on the property before Christmas and I should be able to get some better photos when I have a chance to go out there and take pictures at my own pace.  The ones I have here were just shot as we quickly walked through the property and I didn't want to hold anyone up while I spent ten minutes to catch a good shot of a bug. 
The land is 53 acres and about 40 of those are suitable for farming.  There is a hill in the center of the property, near the back, that has not been developed and has a lot of trees there.  It covers a couple of acres and is quite nice.  I saw a HUGE hawk using it as a base to hunt.
Several acres have cedars and a few hardwoods sprinkled here and there.  There is also a grove of Sand Plums.
 About 32 acres are flat and open for farming and another 6 - 7 have scattered trees and groves of trees.
The land hasn't been grazed or farmed for several years so there is a lot of different grasses that should be dealt with.

We also have a lot of trees with ice storm damage from back in 2007.    When I say a lot of trees, I mean a LOT of trees.  It would be a full time job to cut out all that dead wood and most of it is on the back side of the property where there aren't any roads. 

I am not sure how we will clear that out because it is in an area we can't drive to in the car and don't have a four wheeler.  We'll probably just trim things up and find a place to stack the firewood, nearby. 
This is no golf course - it is rough and needs a lot of attention to be anything other than an old cow pasture.  Fortunately, we aren't under any compulsion to make expensive "improvements" at this time. 
The ponds cover about 1 - 1.5 acres.  They are just shallow but are fed by a creek.   In a very long dry spell (a year or two), it could go dry but it should usually stay wet.  We'll get someone out there to test the water, soon, but it doesn't seem to bother the neighbor's livestock.   I heard a frog or something plop when I was out there but didn't get down close enough to see if there were any fish.  There is a deeper part but how deep that is, I don't know. 

We have access to city water but may not set it up since the fire station is on the edge of the property.   The sellers deeded an acre to them to build an outpost.
 That's the fire station in the white building:
A hill with the grove of trees covers about 3 acres.  This time of year, it looks bare but after walking back there, I think it will be quite pretty, next summer.
The farmer cleared off the majority of the cedars, which is good because they take a ton of water and are a fire hazard.  Most of the ones that are left don't touch each other. 
We'll take the girls out to roam around after closing.   I think they'll have a ball.  I wish we had a grandchild or two nearby to let them go out and explore.  The place was absolutely teeming with wildlife even this time of year.  I am excited at what might show up in the spring.  I may take my birdcam out there.

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Miriam said...

Congratulations on the land! Is it far from where you live?

Love all the family photos on your sidebar! Thank you for sharing.

Rockin'Bobbin said...

Congrats, Penny - that is great news.

Yes, the family pix are nice; good looking bunch!

ranette said...

Looks like home to me...lol Is it South of Mustang?

Ahhh...the pictures of the kids are great...very nice looking family!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Congratulations on the new property!! Looks like a great place to hang out year round and take wonderful pictures of birds and other critters!! Do I see picnics in the future?????? Great looking kids.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to have that much land! Wonderful news!