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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bluebirds and Earthquakes

Last spring, Husband and I put up bluebird houses but I was afraid it was too late in the season.  I blogged about it at the time.  I never did see any bluebirds nesting although I saw them out playing.  Midsummer, I checked in the bluebird house and there was a wasp nest in there.  We removed the wasp nest but figured it was too late to get any birds. 

Several weeks ago, I looked in the birdhouse and there was a very nice empty nest in there!  I was a bit aggravated with myself that I hadn't noticed the bluebirds nesting and set up the birdcam.  There is really no excuse for it since I regularly sat out on the patio in the evening and watched the bluebirds play.
Looks like a blue parakeet.
But anyway, two days ago, I noticed bluebirds flitting around and going in and out of the birdhouse.  It is surely way too late for them to be nesting.  I didn't know they would still go in the birdhouses when they weren't nesting.
I looked in the birdhouse but there weren't any eggs or fledglings.  I left the old nest in there because I didn't want to disturb anything.  I plan to remove it in December or January.  Just for fun, I went ahead and set up the birdcam and got a few nice photos:
 Evelyn made it to this shot:
This evening when I returned the photo card after downloading, I moved the birdcam closer to the bluebird house. Perhaps I will get some closeups, tomorrow, if I didn't inadvertently scare them off.

 Love that Oklahoma sky.
  Look to the bottom left:

I have had more fun with that birdcam!

We had a 5.1 (depending on what service you believe) earthquake, this morning.  I was on the phone talking to Mimi and heard a loud BOOM.  The girls went wild and Husband sprinted by to look out front. 

That was a bit alarming.

I idly wondered if there had been a crash but didn't feel the house shake (I was in my easy chair with my feet up - what a life).  Husband says it shook the house with a big bang.  No aftershocks that I heard of and it wasn't enough to cause any damage around here.  That was different...

Anyone know anything about Boniva?  (other than that it is hawked by the Flying Nun?)

The doctor wants to put me on it for osteopenia but I am a bit skeptical.  I don't know about this little old lady medication stuff.  I don't want to collapse into a pile of chalk because my bones dissolve, but seems like they ought to have me exercise and take calcium and Vitamin D supplements, first.  Plus, it is for menopausal woman, and surely I am not a menopausal woman!! 

I think I may be.  Hmm.  If so, that was easy. 

I'll think about it for awhile.  I am not sure my insurance would pay for it, anyway.  Mainly I just don't like taking medicine.   Especially old lady medicine.  I am beginning to think I may be past my physical prime.  You'd think the results of gravity would have already given me a clue. 

I worked on a wool felt project this afternoon but can't share it because it is a gift that I won't give over until early November.  Wool felt seems really fun to work with and I may be able to use some of it in my art quilts.  Since it doesn't really ravel, it could fill a niche.  I have never worked with wool felt and was pleasantly surprised (so far) with how much I liked it.  I poured over my quilting books for ideas but, as usual, didn't use a pattern. I have a block when it comes to patterns.  A BLOCK, get it?  heheh - quilter's humor...

It is after ten and I am turning into a pumpkin.  Need to head to bed so I will be bright eyed for my painting class in the morning.  We are starting a new project and he wants us there, early, for a demonstration.  I think we're starting on abstraction.
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Jan said...

Great photos. Re: the Boniva, I have a male friend who takes it, because his bones are not strong. Trust your doctor's advise, or get another doctor. If it were me I'd start weight bearing exercise, take calcium and Vit D, take the Boniva, and be retested in one year. Hopefully, you'll only have to be on it for one year, but you'll always have to do the weight bearing exercise. It can be walking, Tai Chi, etc.

Carol Twister said...

Tai Chi is something I have been thinking about. Is there a good DVD that explains the moves and how to do them?
My mother has been taking just calcium pills for the past several years, not a prescription. Her doctor thinks that really helped her bones because she did not break her hip when she fell, just fractured her pelvis, and is sore. - Carol

Anonymous said...

I'd wait on the Boniva, too. The dr diagnosed me with Osteopena too, but subsequent bone density exams have come back normal. Take the calcium and do the exercises - the exercise alone will make you feel better. Then afterwards you can relax with your feet up in the recliner.


Paula said...

I know people who no longer trust the bone density test. A lady at church had one that came back normal...then she fell and broke a hip, fell again and broke an arm...they decided her bones weren't as strong as the test indicated.
Love the pictures. I picked up a new birdfeeder today. Going to put it outside my quilt room window.