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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Princess Pearl and My New Baby

For the past few weeks, I've been setting up my barn studio and spending a lot of time out there.  Before that, I had been minimizing my time in the barn because I wasn't sure how much it would cost to cool it.  We have a big AC and heater out there and wasn't sure how much it would cost to run them.  Two heat-of-the summer months of utility bills in a row give me the happy, happy information that it is costing less than $10.00 a month to do it.  Who knew???  I suspect the electric heater will be more expensive because it is a horse.  But I am thrilled beyond words at how inexpensive it is turning out to be. 

But since I've spend so much more time out there, I've been thinking about keeping a good second sewing machine there.  In addition to my Beloved Janome (QC 4800), I have a sweet little Bernina 220.  My original thought had been to keep the Bernina out in the barn and the Janome in the house. I figured that would encourage me to spend more time out there, out from underfoot (husband works from the house) and might encourage me to seriously consider doing needlework for more than a hobby.  I thought about getting a second Janome with an embroidery function but initially decided I don't have any business spending that much money when I'm not bringing any in.  And I was okay with that. 

Unfortunately, idle thoughts have a habit of sometimes taking root and sending you off in a direction you don't expect and probably wouldn't choose before insanity sets in.  In this case, when the vertical channel lock on my longarm started acting up, I did some online research to find a local Gammill dealer (unfortunately, the closest is in the Dallas area).  Husband managed to fix the channel lock (loose wire) but while cruising, I made the "mistake" of looking at the website for the local Janome dealer. 

Here we go...

Now, I've been to the local Janome dealer a few times so it is not like I am unaware of them.  I even took in my Beloved Janome to be serviced a few months ago and they did a fast, good job for a reasonable price.  But the problem with looking at their website was that I saw that Janome has released a new sewing machine - the Horizon 7700.  It looks fantastic and while pricey, if it is anything like any of its other products, it will be well worth the price.  I am not personally interested in spending that kind of money ($3,000 or more) because I already have a longarm and a good sewing machine - and I am cheap.

But my dangerous thought processes were that perhaps someone might want to trade in their 6500 or 6600 and I might could pick up a used 6500 or 6600 from the dealer.  This is dangerous territory.   I suspect marital affairs frequently start out just as innocently.  I started researching and began thinking I might want a machine that did some embroidery to embellish some of my art quilts.  Used, of course. 

First place I looked was Craig's list.  Nuthin'.  I kept coming back to my dealer's website and was thinking about the Janome 9500 because it was on sale.  I did lots and lots of internet searches and the price they were offering was good. 

At a certain point, I convinced myself that I would definitely buy a used 6600 or 6500 if I could find one that was in my price range.  I mentioned it to Husband and he looked weary and wary.   He has been  wonderful but the man married a hard working lawyer who brought home a respectable paycheck and left the house, everyday.  And wasn't all artsy.  This has GOT to be freaking him out. 

So yesterday, I headed down to the Janome dealer on my way to the Fair to give them three of my quilts I entered.  The dealer had a lightly used Janome embroidery machine for a decent price but I want a combination sewing/embroidery machine.  I asked her to show me some new Janomes (what was I thinking????) and she started out with one that was about $250.00.  I reached over, covered her hand, looked her in the eye and said, "Let's look at a pricier machine."  She met my eyes, paused, smiled, then said, "OKAY!"

We looked at the Janome 9500, Janome 9700 and the Janome 6600.  The 9500 was on sale. 

"How can you help me out?" I asked. 

So if I bought that day (which I came in planning to do, anyway - I admit it) she'd knock off another hundred dollars, give me free private lessons and $200.00 worth of software - AND help me load up my software. 

Deal.   She advised me to privately sell my Little Bernina rather than trade it in - I'll get a lot more.  I plan to put her on Craig's list - she is a sweet machine that runs like a deer.

So I brought the new baby home and Husband met me at the door. 

"I bought a guitar, today!" I announced brightly. 

He looked confused.  The reference is because I gave Husband got a several thousand dollar guitar for his birthday.  This was MUCH cheaper. 

I don't think he is happy about it but he didn't say that and is trying hard to be supportive.  And since I paid for it from my own rapidly dwindling stash, he didn't have much to complain about.  I keep expecting him to send me out to work and perhaps I should.  I am just not ready to go back to lawyering, yet. 

Here is the new baby alongside my Beloved Janome (original):
I will get around to playing with her later this week.  Today, we are unveiling our latest art quilt from my art quilt group, (We are) the Baker's Dozen.  Here she is:
The theme is Baubles, Bangles and Beads and I blogged about my project on my other blog, "Quilting Along the Ley Lines."  I have a ton of photos on that blog and explained how I did it. 

Off to straighten up my sewing room and get started on a nature quilt for my friend, Lynn.

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Miriam said...

Have fun with your new sewing machine!

Princess Pearl is gorgeous!!

Carol - OklaTwister said...

Wow, congratulations on the new machine! Now you will have a tough time deciding where to sew, barn or house!
Check out the contained oil heaters for this coming winter instead of electric. They will heat a whole room at a low cost.
Hope to see you at the Okla State Fair, Penny. I entered two quilts, placemats and a couple of wall hangings. --OklaTwister

Stephanie D. said...

Congratulations on the New Arrival! Should I bring some punch or something? lol

And I love Princess Pearl!