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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lazy Late Summer Saturday

Husband was out of town this week, again, but was due in, last night. He flew from DC to Dallas - no problem - but his 6:30 flight to Oklahoma City was cancelled and all three later flights were booked. They reserved a place for him on a Saturday morning flight but he decided to rent a car and just drive home.  It is about a three and a half hour drive and he got to the house about 10:45 p.m. That was about 3 hours later than he would have if his flight hadn't been cancelled but he was so happy to be home he didn't care. The car rental company charged him an extra fifty dollars since it was a one way rental but that was tons cheaper than staying in a motel, overnight, plus the fare.   And he really, really wanted to come home.   They dropped off his checked luggage, this morning. 

Pearlie was so happy to see him that she kept leaping into his arms. She whimpered and squealed for more than twenty minutes. Never seen the like.

He was pretty wound up from the drive and stayed awake late, so when the girls decided it was time to go out, this morning, I let him sleep:
The girls were giddy because the toads are back.  It was so hot and dry for about two weeks that they disappeared.  I figure they burrowed someplace to wait out the furnace.  Evelyn LOVES toads:
Her feet look like something on a stuffed animal:
 She didn't hurt it.  She just flips it over, sometimes.  I set him outside the gate and he hopped away.
 Pearlie mainly just watched.  We haven't had any instances of toad murder in months.
Probably because they were up so late last night, and up so early this morning, the girls were a bit groggy most of the day.
 I worked on my Grandson's baby quilt top.  He is due in February and I am so excited:
 It is just a simple 9 patch with hearts on the border.
 It's 42 x 42 inches:
 I am sure if Evelyn wasn't so sleepy, she would be as excited as I am about the baby:
 Since I was up so early, I took advantage of the peace and quiet to read the manual for my New Janome.  This afternoon, I reved her up and practiced doing some embroidery.  It was super easy. 
 Evelyn slept through it all.
I've mentioned that Evelyn is my quilting buddy.  Pearl was off gazing in adoration at Husband. 
 They finally became more alert this afternoon when I pulled out a decorative pumpkin.
 I set the pumpkin beside Evelyn and Pearl brought over a stuffed toys to try to trade for it:
 Are these girls not too cute to be real?
Off to return the rental vehicle and if I can convince Husband to take me to dinner, that too.
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Ellen said...

Ohmygosh, your dogs are just precious. I would love to cuddle with them, although that would make my Katie jealous. Your quilt in progress looks pretty great too. Just stumbled over here from quilterblogs.com.

Miriam said...

Looove the photos of Evelyn with the toad!
The baby quilt is gorgeous! The first of many, I suspect! :)
I hope you had a wonderful dinner together.

JessicaSews said...

Great pictures, Penny. The dogs are so photogenic!
The baby quilt is just beautiful.

Thearica said...

Toad murder...I chuckled on that one. :)

I love that baby quilt, especially the border! How are you going to quilt it?