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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toad Killers

The girls have taken to killing toads and it is a little distressing.  None of our dogs have ever done this but all of a sudden, they've developed a blood lust.  Husband says toads secrete a hallucinogenic and that the girls are getting high when they mouth them.   I've had to start shutting the window blinds all the way to the bottom because several mornings in a row they peeked out at about 4:00 a.m. and spotted toads on the patio.  No sleep after that, the bloody heathens.   Actually, we don't know which one is a serial killer and they have never actually broken the skin.  I think it is happening because they paw them too roughly to get them to hop. 

We had a wee bit of drama the other morning.
I was up early and took three toads away from them and put them over the fence.  This one kept coming right back even though the girls were right there at the fence trying to grab it. 
I'd put it about ten feet past the fence and it would come right back, repeatedly. 
You can't tell it in the following photo but Evelyn wasn't three inches on this side of the fence, waiting. 
I find the following photo to be particularly creepy - enlarge it to see Evelyn's claws reaching for the stupid creature. 
For the past few days, I have taken a bucket out with me when I go outside for my morning coffee. If they catch a toad, it goes in the bucket. Croakey (who croaks) hates it when I put him in there. It is a bit disconcerting to be sitting and reading a book and have a toad leaping up nearly a foot, peering over the edge of the bucket that is sitting right next to my head, before clattering back down, croaking the whole time.  

I've been making good progress on my latest wall hanging and will post photos, soon.  Here is a picture of some of my new thread.

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Suzanne Kistler said...

Love the thread basket!!!

I've had two dogs, one a shepherd mix and the other a Cocker Spaniel. Both of them took great pleasure in stomping toads, although our toad source was not as abundant as yours. Maybe it's a common dog characteristic - a toad is a bit livelier than a squeak toy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good grief. You're making me glad I have a cat. An indoor cat who doesn't make a big deal out of the ants and spiders he eats.


Anonymous said...

Love that basket that your thread is in. Gorgeous!

Shogun said...

I love that thread basket.
I think toads are so cute. I would be out there trying to save them. But, I can see how they would be fun toys for dogs.

Stephanie D. said...

Gads--a toad with a death wish and dogs only too happy to oblige. What a zoo!

Thearica said...

There is nothing as relaxing as watching animals play together...as long as that is all they do.. :)

I love that basket! Where-ever did you find it.