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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Blog

After much thought, I decided to go ahead and start a sister blog to this one that focuses more on art quilting with an emphasis on Oklahoma artists.  Which may not leave as much for this one to discuss but I am still planning to keep it going, at this point.  The new blog is still in the construction stages but I named it Quilting Along the Ley Lines.   You can find a link in my profile as well as on this page.

I spent some time, yesterday evening, wandering around the pasture snapping pictures of flowers and critters. 

I'd hoped to get a shot of our resident hawk but no such luck.  I got some pictures of Daddy roadrunner but they were from a distance and not worth posting.  The next time Husband mows the pasture, I plan to grab my camera because the critters and bugs go wild and the birds swoop in for the kill. 

That should be appetizing.

He was being dive bombed by Purple Martins a few days ago while mowing - or  initially thought he was - but then realized they were scarfing up the panicked grasshoppers.   We have a roan colored bunny who lives out there that must be the stupidest creature that gravity ever got involved with.  Husband was afraid it would get under the mower but it had enough sense to avoid it.  Here is a picture - just love his coat:
I lay on my belly snapping closeups of dandelions and bugs (Husband was astonished) when Pearl came running over, delighted that I was below eye level.  I managed to get this shot before she rolled me up like a rug and I had to retreat to beyond the fence into the pasture, proper:

Even with just this portion you can tell she is one happy girl.

My art books and paints have been arriving and I am well along in deciding on what I want to create the art stuff I've committed to in The Baker's Dozen

Now, on to the "how" to create it, which is the tricky part.  Some of the themes are:  home, butterflies, tempest, cottage and totem.   The first theme is "Freedom"  and I have made a lot of progress sketching it out. 

If you want to see more photos, check out the new blog.  I want to post Mr. Toad, though, to make sure you see it.  Check out those eyes! 

Here is something a little more cuddly:
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl

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