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Monday, May 24, 2010

Beep Beep!

Okay, I have mentioned that we are overrun with road runners. They have nested near the house and you can't walk outside without tripping over them.  I haven't been able to get a &^%$*&#@ picture of them! This has been going on for two weeks.  Husband suggested I set out a pile of birdseed with a little sign embeded that says, "Free Birdseed."

Four days ago, I wandered out to the back gate looking into the pasture and the Daddy Roadrunner waltzed right up to me and went hunting for bugs.  He wasn't more than an arm's length away.  He saw me standing there and just cocked his head back and forth before going back to grabbing bugs.

I didn't have my camera.

I went back into the house to get the video and waited until he came back.  I pointed the video camera at him with the notion that I would film him as he came by. 

For the first time, ever, the video camera malfunctioned.  I couldn't even turn it off.  That bird has magical powers. 

So when I checked the birdcam (which I had positioned right in front of the where they go into the woods to their nest) I was sure I would have a ton of pictures.  I'd seen them preening and carrying on right in front of the cam and was confident I would have a ton of great shots when I checked the memory card.  But no.  For some reason, it had taken only one picture and the date/time was wrong.  I have no idea why it malfunctioned.  I had it on timelapse.  It was supposed to take two pictures every 30 seconds and had been running for two days.  One picture and then it shut down.  Voo Doo, clearly. 

So I took the memory card back out to the birdcam in the pasture, which was attached to the bird cam holder near the ground.  I had to crawl on my belly to turn it on.  My shirt crawled up and my belly still itches.  The sun was at a certain point creating a glare, so I couldn't really see very well and had to concentrate.  I had sweat in my eyes, too.  I had to reprogram the time so I flipped on my cell phone for the time and glanced up, my chin just grazing the top of the grass:

Two roadrunners were standing there staring me in the eye. 
Gulp.  The first thing that went through my mind was wondering whether they would mistake me for a bug.  When they calmly stood and looked at me, I sat up and reached for my camera, which I had FINALLY remembered to take with me.  I got quite a few closeup shots and am feeling pretty darn proud of myself.
I figure Mama (pictured above and below) would have pecked me if her mouth wasn't already full. 
Daddy Roadrunner is a lot more laid back and posed for me: 
He is pretty friendly.  He even seems to get along with the girls. 
Then, I moved the birdcam to a slightly different location and got a few more, today (click to enlarge). 
And here are a few more that I managed to get looking out my bedroom window - Daddy Roadrunner was running through the back yard:
He is as big as a chicken. 

I finally made the decision to start longarming for money and am working on a website.  That took up most of the day and I barely scratched the surface.  I'll get back to it later this week but tomorrow, I am going up to Stillwater to get a pedicure with Mimi. 

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


lindaschiffer said...

I've never seen a roadrunner before (other than Wiley's opponent;) -- what interesting birds! The image of you laying on your belly, eye to eye with those guys is chuckle-worthy (and kinda scary).

:) Linda

Florida Farm Girl said...

Penny, I think you'll enjoy the quilting. You do outstanding work. I'd love to have even a Tin Lizzie, but absolutely NOWHERE to put it. My next option is going to be to take lessons and use the one at a local LQS. Good luck!!!

Sherry said...

I'm just about rolling in the floor laughing. Do you have any neighbors close enough to see you crawling around in the backyard with their naked eye or, heaven forbid!, BINOCULARS!! They are going to be watching that crazy lady next door!

I was attached by a mutant ninja frog the other day. I yelped when he hopped on my foot. Then looked around to see if the neighbors 'over there' were out in their yard. They wouldn't've seen the frog...but they would've heard me.

BilboWaggins said...

LOL! Glad you finally got your pictures, wildlife don't have a reputation for being co-operative when it comes to having their picture taken.

I hope you enjoy longarming professionally. I did it for a few years a long time ago but was glad to stop - I got so busy that I never, ever caught up and it became impossible to enjoy doing my own quilts because I felt I "ought" to be working on the customer backlog.

ranette said...

You are going to have to add another profession to your resume...wife, mother, lawyer, samoya lover, quilter, longarm quilter and bird photographer :o)

Stop in and say HI if you have time!

Penny said...

Sherry, I think I was pretty much out of sight from the neighbors - although one about a quarter mile away could have spotted me with binoculars.

Carol said...

That is a wonderful story but so worth the effort. I've never seen photographs of a Roadrunner before. Interesting looking birds.

Miriam said...

I have never seen a road runner before either! Do they really make a sound like the cartoon ones????

Good luck with the long arm business. Make sure you still have time for your own quilts.

I hope you and Mimi have a wonderfully relaxing time together!!

Anonymous said...

Love the roadrunner photos! And so glad to learn you will be longarming as a business -- will be watching for your website.