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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

They Finished the Barn

You are probably getting tired of seeing barn pictures but I will put these last few of the completed barn.  Above, is the barn from our driveway.

Below, is the back of the barn.  The door to the right is the one we just added:
Here is a closer shot:
Here is the new (unfinished) door from inside the barn:
Another view of the back of the barn:
And a final view of the front!
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


SewCalGal said...

Really nice barn, but I can't wait to see "another" photo of it with a quilt. Let me know if you want me to do some samples using your barn, as I'm currently working on a post about barn quilts. Would be happy to use yours as a sample! And while I do believe your barn is lovely, I do think it will look better when you paint a quilt on it!


OklaTwister said...

Your installers did a great job. The barn looks fabulous. The X detail above the doors on front really finishes it off. Yes, it would look even better with a large wooden painted quilt hanging there but I am sure that is farther down the road in time.