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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Barn

We’ve had some unhappy news about the health of my father-in-law and that has been a distraction from quilting and blogging, lately. He is currently in the hospital waiting to undergo a biopsy so please remember him in your prayers.

They started siding the barn, yesterday.
Right now, the barn's trim is in very bad shape and the west end of the barn is particularly in need of either repainting or siding.
We are very pleased with the color match on the siding.
They are ripping off all the old, rotted trim and replacing it with metal siding – so far, it looks great.
I set up the birdcam to snap pictures periodically and plan to leave it on over the course of the siding – it should be fun to watch the progress. I forgot about the birdcam when I walked out in my PJ’s this morning because a couple of young cows from next door were pressed up against the fence and I wanted to go look at them.
I am certain the birdcam hit the mother lode on snapping a birdbrain so there may be some editing going on when I check the memory card.

I continue to work on cleaning up the barn and need to replace some of the light panels that got ruined before the leaks were repaired.
I cleared out a third room to create an extra bedroom if we have company and need extra space (which can double as a studio).
I may add an AC window unit but there is already central heat and air so I’m still thinking about it. The guys are going to add a backdoor to the barn that will come from that room. After that is done, I may go back and do some painting. I wasn’t sure about how I wanted the furniture because I am not sure where the door is going to go. I may end up just getting rid of the bedroom furniture and moving the futon to my office.  The light should be good in that back room to use for a studio.   I may leave the futon in there but still use it as a studio.

The fourth room will be for my husband’s hobbies and while I should feel guilty to have my sewing room in the house plus three more rooms in the barn, I figure he has the huge workshop and an extra hobby room so we should all just say halleluiah that we are so fortunate.

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


swooze said...

The barn looks great!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts & prayers for your father in law. The barn siding looks beautiful!

Miriam said...

I hope your FIL's biopsy goes smoothly and doesn't bring bad news.
Your barn will look like new when the siding is finished!

Stephanie D. said...

Still catching up, so I hope the biopsy brought the best possible news.

And yes you are fortunate to have so much room for hobbies and interests--that's a lot of room for 2 adults and 2 big dogs!
(turning a little "pea-green with envy", as Scarlett would say!)