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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Barn Raising

Slowly but surely making progress on my dragon quilt.  I am getting a little sick of it.  It is hard not having a well developed attention span.

They are making great headway on the barn and we are delighted with how it is coming along.  Here are "before" pictures of the front:

Here are a couple of "after" pictures but we are considering putting a faux door on the top.
It looks splendid and the color is a dead-on match to the original.  There are no seams except one on the back where they miscut a piece of siding.  I didn't know this, but you can have siding cut to length which is what they did.
The trick is to have a truck long enough to carry it.
They brought in a cherry picker to work high up:
We are having a door put in on the back of the barn (above) that will go approximately to the right of where the cherry picker is parked.  We want a door because of the risk of fire. If you were in that back room, you might not know there was a fire until your escape was cut off.  Husband is in the safety business and, apparently, you can't be too careful. 
Here is one side:
They still have siding and trim to complete but, so far, it looks great.

Here is part of the workshop.  We still have a lot of work/unpacking to do out there:
Evelyn suffers from separation anxiety when I am on the other side of the fence:
She is on a diet and we can tell she has already lost some weight because her waist is back.  It is amazing the difference - even in her face, she suddenly looks more like a puppy, again:
Thank you to all who have asked about my father-in-law.  He is still in the hospital and will be for several more days but is doing fantastic.  The biggest hurdle will be sitting on him when he gets out because he doesn't have an "off" switch.  We visited, last night, and the man is scary smart, like his son.  When they came in to check his blood, he twisted all around his tubes to be able to watch them, curiosity all over his face.  I glanced over at husband and he was also watching with interest, the exact same expression on his face.  They don't really resemble each other, physically, but they could have been twins as they sat there. 

Then they started talking enthusiastically about hydraulics and tractor clutches and gasoline additives and snake handlers and I dozed off while they did a father/son mind meld. 

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


lindaschiffer said...

Your dragons is LOOKING GOOD! :)

If you are going to have a 'false' door put on your barn, why not have a big quilt block on it instead/in addition? Quite the fad thing to do in country settings, these days.

:) Linda

Miriam said...

I am very impressed with your progress with the dragon.
The barn is looking great!
I hope your FIL continues to improve and that he is home soon.
I have seen the same father/son similarities with my daughter's fiance and his father.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Glad to year FIL is doing well and will be home soon. Barn is looking good!!! And a quilt block on the "door" would be fabulous. Why not pick your favorite block and go for it?? We'd all be jealous, you know.