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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Countertop Boys arrived today and replaced our old pink tile countertops in the kitchen and small half bath with a solid surface - Camaroon. 
It's not an exciting color but it sure updates the look and gives us a running shot at actually keeping the countertop clean. 

Here is what the little half bath in the utility room looked like, after the sink was taken out:

I just hate that nasty pink tile.

We are re-using the old sink.  I couldn't see spending several hundred extra dollars for a utility room bathroom.  As I have mentioned, I am cheap.   Here it is with the new countertop:
I took some before and after shots of the kitchen.  Here is the stovetop, before and after:


Here is the new sink but the hardware hasn't been added, yet:
We had the boys look at our bathroom because we decided to swap out the countertops in there, too.  It also needs the carpet pulled up and burned.  Apparently, the lady who lived here before us was quite liberal about sloshing bleach or other chemicals on the floor.  I suspect she was treating her hair.  I guess it was her and not him.   Either way, it is gross.  In fact, the whole carpet is disgusting.  They clearly had dogs but didn't clean up after them  - the carpet is dark but you can see the stains.  The house has a LOT of carpet and that is going to cost a fortune to replace.  And I am cheap.   The carpet is blue, not a color I am going to replace it with.  I would like to replace a lot of it with hard floor, which would allow us to not have to swap out all the carpet at once since some areas are fine.  Husband is going stubborn on me with that so I am not sure what we'll end up doing.  I hope we fix that kitchen ceiling and get rid of the lettuce over the sink.

I stayed in my sewing room with the girls to keep them out of the boys' hair.  I worked on an Evelyn Art Quilt:
I decided that was too ambitious and decided to work on one of the barn, which has much straighter lines.   This isn't the photo I am working on but I thought I would include my requisite barn photo - look at those great clouds!
Enjoy the wood while you can - we have estimates out to have siding installed. 

I fired up the longarm, yesterday afternoon, and it worked beautifully.  Candidly, I'd been worried.  It has been sitting in a sometimes freezing barn for months.  

I practiced making some freehand feathers and was surprised at how naturally they came.  I've noticed that from time to time, doing something is frustrating but if I take a break - even several days or weeks (or in this case, months) - when I go back to it, I've "got" it.  The brain is a funny thing.

We've got company in town so I need to go wash my face. 

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Anonymous said...

Pink in the kitchen? How was that ever a good idea????


Mary said...

Major improvement!!!! Your new counters would look very good with my gray tile kitchen floor, no fear I won't steal them from you!

BilboWaggins said...

I am envious of your new countertops (but in a nice way!) That is something we want to tackle in our kitchen.

Know exactly what you mean about worrying when the longarm has been sitting unused for a while but it's a great feeling when the old skills are still there, isn't it?

ranette said...

Out with the tile in with the solid surface....looks great Penny! I don't care for tile...ever!

I'm glad you fired up the longarm and happy that it felt good to you...enjoy your day!

Suzanne Kistler said...

Love the new countertops!! Maybe that should be our next project. :)Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder!

Sherry said...

Beautiful redo!

I'm cheap too. We had a perfectly good 3-4 year old stainless sink in the kitchen. When we went from Formica to solid surface, I kept my top mount sink. BIL fussed and fussed. I finally told him, "It's MY kitchen."

Twister said...

Wow, it looks so much brighter in your new kitchen and bath! Bet you are thrilled!

Paula said...

The new countertops look great. I just love that archway in the kitchen!


SandyQuilts said...

Pink oh boy ... I can't believe you didn't fall in love with it. LOL I like the neutral you installed.

Oh do be careful keeping your longarm in freezing conditions. The oil/grease could lock up I think.