"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Where the Living is Easy

This was the day I decided to go to the bank; register to vote (Independent, dispite the fact that now I can't vote in primaries as a general rule - and that is the extent of political statements I shall make on this blog!); get my driver's license; switch over my car title/registration; and order my personalized car tag.  Comparing this to Virginia, I figured it should take most of today and some of tomorrow, and cost about $400.00.

I left the house just after 9:00 a.m. and went to the tag agency.  I forgot my title at home so ran back to get it.  Looked for the title - not sure where it was with all the packing.   Stood around and talked to husband.  Went back to the tag agency.  He checked to make sure my personalized tag request was available and I got my first choice!!   He took care of the title/registration.  He also took care of sending in my voter's registration paperwork.  

From there, the tag guy sent me to sign up for my driver's license.  Since I was transferring from another state, I had to go to the regular driver's license place which was about 22 minutes away.  Got that done.  Ran by the bank and took care of some business.  While I was driving down the highway, the radio had the nerve to announce that, "Cold air will be entering the area on Wednesday night..."  (what do they call THIS stuff?????).    Because I was turning in my old driver's license for a new one, I had to go back to the tag agency.  So I drove back to the tag agency (it was about 11:30) and he looked at me in surprise because it had taken so long...  The whole thing, including giving a donation to the organ donor's fund, came to... $140.00.  I was home before 11:45.

I love Oklahoma. 

I think my face looks fat in my new license (oh thank god they don't take pictures of your butt).  Husband said that it looked like the picture was taken by the birdcam - which, btw, got some respectable shots of sparrows.  Here are a few:

This guy is a ham.

That evil mockingbird is back.

We have about 800 gallons of propane but husband ordered an extra 100, just in case.  It is COLD, baby!

The plumber also dropped by and fixed the hot water in the shower.  It was hot but wouldn't stay hot.  Lacked a diptube or some such thing.  Diptube.  A know a man named that particular piece.  They never use colors or feelings in their names.  It is always a function or a description of shape.  

I guess I should have scheduled more stuff for today.  I suppose I should take a nap.

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Thearica said...

I know a man whose name starts with dip but it sure dont end in tube. LOL

You should have gone by the fabric shop on your way home since you saved so much money today! :)

Stephanie D. said...

I have never heard of a bird cam, but if the feeders weren't so close to the house, I'd probably be asking for one. I love watching the turf wars out there!

So, did you get a quilty-type tag?

BilboWaggins said...

That's how I feel about living in Cumbria, people are nicer, life is slower, and until the floods, shopping in Main Street was a joy - independent businesses with owners who know your name.

It will be a while before Cockermouth is back to normal but I am so looking forward to whenever that day is.

Anonymous said...