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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birds in the Mist

I like the new spot for the birdcam/bird feeder.  Here are a few shots that caught different birds.  None are rare.  The surprise that comes with seeing what you've "caught" is a lot of the fun part.  I actually got over 200 pictures and this is just cherry picking.   I changed the resolution to higher and downloading them to this site is taking longer than I have so you are only seeing a few.   I plan to go back to a lower resolution.  You can click on the picture to see a larger shot - that helps a bunch.  The light wasn't good due to the heavy overcast and fog but I think I am liable to get some good shots at this location on a sunny day. I hope to catch sight of the roadrunner, soon.

Evil Mockingbird is so sassy.  I have been wanting to try and art quilt and someone suggested one that features Evil Mockingbird.  I am not sure I could do him justice but it is something I think I might try.

Purple Finch.

Dastardly Squirrel.  I knew that was going to happen...

White Capped Sparrow:

Dark Eyed Junco:

Mystery bird:

Sapsucker.  Not sure exactly which kind. 

Purple Finch

Sapsucker, again:

Purple Finch:

Evil Mockingbird:

Red Winged Blackbird and pals.  They flock together, you know.

Brown headed Cowbird.  They also flock together:

Lady Cardinal:

Another LBJ (little brown job):

I went for a little hike, yesterday, and got lost.  Today, I am fighting poison ivy and the antihistimine I took to keep from clawing myself to shreds.  The hike was worth it.

A friend who buys and sells things for a living (buys big lots of stuff and then sells it in Mexico or other places that buy in bulk) had a slew of Brother mechanical sewing machines, still in the boxes, sitting in his warehouse.   He gave me two!  One to use or let a friend use, and one for parts, if needed.  What a steal!  I feel like a crow - some women like sparkly stuff, I like sparkly sewing machines. 

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Stephanie D. said...

That is the coolest Christmas gift!

And a new sewing machine--woohoo, you have connections, gal!

BilboWaggins said...

WOw, I so need one of these cameras {smile.

Your Purple Finch is so pretty, very similar to our Greater Spotted Woodpecker

ranette said...

Love the birdcam....why don't you email the pictures to your blog, that's what I do and it's so much faster than downloading them.

Take care of the poison ivy....my brother is terribly allergic to it and has to carry an eppy (sp?) pen these days.

Lucky girl with the sewing machine!

Paula said...

Good deal on the sewing machine...sorry about the poison ivy.
Hey, been wondering how your friend is doing? I believe her name is Kim? Been praying for the family and wondering how they're getting on.