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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Full Speed Ahead

I had the most exciting thing happen, today! In the mail, came a prize for second place in the Dare to be Ugly Challenge. I couldn’t BELIEVE what the hostess and her sidekick gave me!
Here is the box:

The hostess, Quiltaholic, gave me the loveliest card with a nice note:

And look at this gorgeous fabric!

It is without question, one of the prettiest fabrics I’ve ever seen. And being on a fabric diet, it was especially appreciated!

Look at this wonderful book on quilting curves!

That is a technique I have wanted to learn and this looks like a great book for it with super projects.  Rondiquilts from the HGTV message board donated it for a prize.  What a peach!

Finally, this beautiful figurine.

I love the hat!

I am the last person who would wear a hat but I still wish they'd come back in style so I could see what other people wore.

See the luggage?

It is absolutely exquisite.

It is named “Bon Voyage” which is just so appropriate since we are about to take the road.

Honestly, it just made my day.  My week!  I was NOT expecting anything so nice.  I was little afraid she'd send more of that horrible cat fabric as a prize.  One of the nicest presents I've ever received. 

Never in a million years did I expect such generosity. I just can’t believe it! Thank you, Quiltaholic!

After getting the present, I felt inspired to finish one last block before packing up my sewing stuff for the trip.

It is a Hunter’s Star, which is the same pattern as I used on my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding quilt (which is still a UFO, btw).

Please don't look too close.

Here they are, to date:

But after I finished this last one, I bit the bullet and packed it all up for the trip. It took awhile. Now, a lot of the boxes are already in the car. I’d hoped to be able to work on a quilt, next week, but it has become clear to me that isn’t likely to happen.

Okay, we continue to make progress. I am steadily making progress on what needs to be done to get home.

Internet scheduled to be cancelled – check

Mail forwarded – check

Pantry cleared – check

Fridge emptied – half check

Travel snacks packed – check

Car gassed up (yes, this is true) – check

Health insurance changed – check (you can’t take it across state lines)

We need to take food to the food bank and clean the refrigerator, thoroughly. I also need to schedule a deep cleaning of the house after we leave. Unhappily, more rain is forecast, which makes it difficult to clean carpets, floors and walls. Here is the harbinger taken from the deck, this morning:

You know - red sky at morning (a sailor’s warning), don’t cha know.

I’d wanted to do a more thorough cleaning of the basement but there is no good way to confine the girls, particularly with more rain coming. Husband needs to take out the dog door (it is going in the car) and replace the original door.

I tried to get Am Vets to come get some of our stuff but they’ve ignored my e-mail. According to the site, they will call to schedule but I haven’t heard from them. I guess we’ll just haul the stuff to Goodwill. I’ll try to call Am Vets one more time.

Pearl has been sweet; Evelyn has been feisty and puppy-like, lately.

I have been getting such a kick out of her.  She is getting to the point where she is demanding attention and even tried to climb in my lap a couple of days ago. 

You can tell she feeling sassy!

The girls snuggle.


Come hither look.

Look at that face!

That is EVELYN to the left!

She looks like a puppy. 

Here is Bright Eyed Pear but she has nothing on sister, these days:

Actually, she sort of looks high. 

Evelyn likes it when there is stuff going on and new people coming in and out of the house. She was giddy with excitement, yesterday, when we had an AC guy out to check the unit to make sure it was in good shape. It has surprised me to see her racing around the backyard at a dead run. And grinning ear to ear. She has been insisting on being petted, lately, and being a complete rogue toward Pearl.

Of course, Pearl is also so much fun.

She is a killer!

But what a sweetie.

They are good girls.

We are close enough in time to check the long range weather forecast and with any luck, we’ll manage to make the trip between nasty fronts.

I've been making plans for the kids to come visit at Christmas. This is one happy mama.

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Anonymous said...

Pearl looks like she's shed a lot of her coat.

Congrats on your prize - and I'm glad it wasn't more of the fabric!

Travel safely...


Elaine said...

Come on back to OK, the weather has been chilly, sometimes rainy, but no snow in Tulsa yet. Take care on your trip back. I bought my tickets to the OKC Quilt show, might get to meet you there.


Thearica said...

Penny...I am so glad you liked your prizes. Bon Voyage had your name written all over it! Glad you really like her!

p.s. I almost put a 4 inch square of the ugly in the box..hehehe

Stephanie D. said...

Wasn't it just a couple of days ago that Pearl got into trouble for being a rogue toward Evelyn???

Payback is hell.

Gorgeous sky!

And what a lovely gift/prize!

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely gifts - that fabric is beautiful, can you post the manufacturer. I am thrilled that your kids may come out to your new home for Christmas. Sounds like the perfect "homecoming" for you.
All the best

Penny said...

Sara, that it Robert Kaufman's Imperial Collection 4. There are other colors and they are all glorious.

Shogun said...

The fabric you won as a prize is SO beautiful I want to steal it from you. I love asian fabric. Your blocks are looking so good, too. So how did the AC guy like the dogs? I bet it would be fun to go to a home and there are these two great dogs to play with, then you'd tell me to get back to work and stop playing with the dogs.

Penny said...

Shogun, the AC guy loved the girls but it was odd. He wanted to play with them, which thrilled them both, and told me that he used to have a Samoyed. He knew they were samoyeds so I think he was telling me true. But when I asked him if it was a male or a female, he said he'd had two five year old males at the same time.

Say what? How did you "used" to have two five year old males at the same time absent a bad ending? He didn't offer and I didn't ask.

Anonymous said...
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