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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Wheel Continues to Turn

When I was in my early twenties, I made the enormous personal decision to go to college (I had three babies). When I was in my early thirties, after teaching a few years, I went on to lawschool. I worked so hard and was thrilled to get that law degree. Then, when I was in my early forties, I moved to the Washington DC area and obtained my Virginia law license. I was so excited and it was a huge deal, to me.

Today, I am in my early fifties and I wrote a letter to the state bar resigning my bar membership. I explained that I was resigning because we are moving back home to Oklahoma. When I think about how thrilled I was to get that license, it seems unreal to simply hand it back. But holding a law license carries with it costs, responsibilities and potential liabilities so since I won't be using it to bring in income, it just makes sense to resign. I am still licensed to practice law in Oklahoma.

But other than that...

Packing. Closing down the law practice. More packing.

I found time in the past couple of days to make three new Sylvia blocks. Two were fun and easy. One was easy but not fun. Here they are:

I didn't do a good job on that one and don't like it. But I really like this one:

I used some of the same fabrics as in Jezebel's quilt.

This one was also nice.

Here are a few on the wall:

Here is Evelyn looking at the wall:

It had been my plan to keep my Janome off of the moving trucks so I would have her to stitch with while waiting to drive home. However, now I've decided that since there will only be a couple of weeks between the time the second truck gets here and we head out the door, I will just bite the bullet and put her on the moving van. I suspect our cars are going to be jam packed and I will be plenty busy that last couple of weeks with little time to stitch.

The time change is wonderful because we get to sleep later. But it sure knocks us out, mid evening. Evelyn, too.

Pearl, of course, still wants to play.

Actually, that was earlier. At this point, she is zonked out and I am having a hard time staying awake, myself.


Stephanie D. said...

I think you're right to go ahead and pack the Janome. Otherwise you'll wind up kicking yourself as you try to squeeze everything that HAD to be left until the last minute around it and worrying that you'll damage it.

Should you ever need a Virginia law license again, will you have to retake the bar exam?

ranette said...

Oh Penny your SBS blocks are wonderful....they will make a beautiful quilt.

The time change has me messed up as well and I'm not working nearly as hard as you are...lol

Anonymous said...

You can always hand stitch once you pack the sewing machine away. :)

tisme said...

Penny, I agree with Anonymous, keep a little hand work around just for those little moments you want to DO something just for you. It will help your anxiety.
I know I hate the time change when it first starts. I get up at 5am normally, now I am up at 4am. I don`t mind that, but by 8pm, I am ready for bed, and I hate that! lol