"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dinging Out

I think the above picture might reflect the girls getting on each other's nerves due to the stress of moving. It could happen. Especially, if one of them is a control freak. I'm just saying...

But all in all, they are getting along swell.

A few months ago, I got a ding on my windshield but it wasn't getting any worse. The past few days, we've left my car on the driveway to have room for packing in the garage and I think the dropping temperature contributed to the ding getting uplike. On the way to work, it went from a smidgen to dime sized.

I'd set up an appointment with the glass shop around the corner from our house within five miles. I was scheduled to bring it in first thing this morning. At 8:30 a.m., it had grown to nickle sized. At the rate it was going, I expected a pizza pan size by the weekend.

It looks bigger than a nickle in the picture.

They allegedly fixed it but you can still see it.

They claim it won't get any bigger and since it is not in my line of sight, it shouldn't be a problem. They said it might get invisible but didn't make any promises. I don't think it is going to.

Husband is out of town for the day. He had to catch a plane to Chicago, this morning, to teach a class. He was supposed to be home by 10:00 but the plane was delayed so he'll be late. In the meantime, I managed to stitch "Kansas Troubles" for the Sylvia's quilt.

I used a teal fabric that was part of an ovarian cancer fund raiser.

My mom died of OC and while I love the color, whenever I see teal fabric I think of her. Sometimes I have happy thoughts and sometimes I miss her. This was a time where I missed her.

This was not a particularly fun block for me. I don't like that many half square triangles. So many seams results in a quilt top that isn't very soft. Fortunately, this is just one of 140.

Here are all the Sylvia Brights, to date:

The soggy yard has resulted in filthy dogs for days. I decided to go ahead and bathe the girls, this afternoon, even though I know they are going to turn right around and go back to the mud. They love warm baths, especially Evelyn.

The girls have such heavy coats.

When their coats are wet, even Evelyn's curls.

We may have an impromptu yard sale, this weekend. And next weekend. And we are selling off pieces of furniture on Craigslist.

I found myself buying fabric online, this evening. I mean, seriously, it was on sale but that is just sick. SICK. I honestly was considering mailing to a relative's house in Oklahoma City because I am not sure it would arrive before we left, and if it did, I didn't want it to end up taking up space on the truck or in the car. After putting in my credit card information, I came to my sences and pulled out of the insanity dive.

So does that mean I am pathologically obsessive or a woman of amazing will power?


Anonymous said...

Amazing willpower!! It's hard to pass up a good fabric sale - no matter the circumstances!

Stephanie D. said...

I think you're just a woman in withdrawal.

Wish I was there to go shopping--I LOVE yard sales!

Miriam said...

A woman of amazing will power I would say! Fabric on sale is very hard to resist!!
I hope the windscreen ding is fine.
Your SBS blocks are coming along great!

katie z said...

My husband shattered our windshield by trying to swat a mosquito. He hit the window with his ring hand and BOOM there was a HUGE pockmark in the driver's side. Oops. Glad yours wasn't as traumatic.

Shogun said...

I know when I am unable to sew (machine is broken or no time) I do something sewing-related like buy fabric. I think you had amazing will power!

I like that teal color. Your quilt blocks are so great - I just love how the quilt is coming along in the bright colors.

When my daughter's hair gets wet it curls like that too!

Anonymous said...

Send the fabric to me. I'll hang on to it for you...promise!

love the wet dogs!