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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Sanity Break

It has been a surprisingly hectic week. I thought I would be able to be a lady of leisure but between packing and cleaning, I haven't had the time or shamelessness to do any sewing. Today, I decided that in the interest of sanity, I would take a break and do a block.

So I went up to my much more vacant sewing room and thoroughly enjoyed the wide open spaces. So did the girls.

Now that the longarm is out of the way, you can see the window looking out over the garage.

Evelyn, the best quilting buddy on the planet, immediately lapses into a coma of angstlessness when the sewing machine starts humming. Perhaps it is because she hears ME blissfully humming.

For some reason, Dixieland made the top of my humming list all morning.

Pearl is still too much of a puppy to be able to contain herself for very long.

Look at Evelyn's winter ruff. You know, I don't think she blew her coat, this year. It just doubled in size.

Evelyn got so depressed after we lost Jezebel that much of her tail hair fell out.

Husband doesn't agree but I think it is growing back.

Pearl just has to snuggle.

Sometimes, Evelyn just has to put her foot down.

Then, she goes back to dozing.

This is a picture of Pearl yanking on Evelyn's ruff. Anything to get attention.

That Pearl is such a pistol.

Evelyn is just the best quilting buddy.

Here is a front view out my sewing room. I am going to miss our neighborhood and the neighbors.

I spent HOURS shampooing, yesterday. My hands are wrecked and I literally have a blister on my right hand from operating the shampooer.

I put away much of my sewing stuff and am down to this little tiny ironing area!

I'm grateful to have it.

I miss my longarm but sure love the roomy feel to the room. I put up my bright Sylvias to add some color:

Here they all are, to date:

Here is the one I worked on this morning - I could feel the stress fade away...

I'd say we are at the peak of leaf color. The back yard sure is pretty and I am going to miss this when we get back home.

Off to do more cleaning. The realtor comes in the morning and she might want to take some pictures. I've got walls and bathrooms to clean.

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Stephanie D. said...

Now if you can just keep Pearl and Evelyn mud-free for a while!

I love the pictures of them together.