"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Monday, October 19, 2009


Husband and I are keenly aware that we are running out of time on packing for the first moving van. I have court three days this week but am off on Friday. I think we will be ready.

We'll have to be.

It is becoming real. Today, I arranged to shut off my business phone at the end of the week. I ordered an Iphone with an Oklahoma number. I'll arrange to close down my post office box, tomorrow. I plan to close down my business banking accounts later this week. I'll notify the state that I am turning in my law license right after the last hearing in a couple of weeks. We tried to set up our telephone, cable and internet in Oklahoma City but can't for another couple of weeks. We've made arrangements to pay someone to help load the moving van. I'm researching insurance plans (we are moving during the "open period" which is convenient) and gathering names of physicians in the Oklahoma City area. We need to dismantle the beds.

We have someone working on the barn because it has been leaking.

It is huge so there should be plenty of room to store our stuff even though my father-in-law is also storing his things there. My poor brother-in-law. For the past month he has been helping his father move to the area from Missouri. They stored their things at our place while waiting to close on their Oklahoma house. And now, we are on the way, too.

I've been moving all the furniture that isn't going on the truck out of the front parlor so I can use that as a staging area. Anything that is in there, goes! We are making final decisions on what to take and what to leave. I have a nice Grandfather Clock for which I have no sentimental attachment. It could go in the new house but I think I'll just sell it here rather than move it. We have a large bedroom suite we also don't want to pay to move since we don't have room for it at the Oklahoma house.

Please forgive my rambling. It is nice to sit and catch my breath with a glass of red wine. Which reminds me - I need to pack my wine collection! Where will I put it in the car?

I dreamed last night that I was trying to strap Pearl into a baby car seat for the trip. In the dream, the only thing that seemed amiss was that I wasn't sure the front passenger chair was safe...


Anonymous said...

Boy, almost there! Aren't you lucky to have that wonderful barn to store your stuff in 'til you get there and can unpack at your leisure.
Will you have a lot to do on the house you're in now before it goes on the market?
Is the yard fenced in OK?
Life is so exciting, isn't it?

Penny said...

We have a little to do on this house, MAR, but not too much. Some painting touchups, a little wood work on a couple of outside sills and the carpet needs deep cleaning once we get all the furniture out. Nail holes to fill. Pretty cosmetic, actually. We have some drywall work to finish in the basement where we took out a wall and where Jezebel ate a hole. She, you read that correctly.

Yes, the girls have two acres of fenced yard to run in.

And yes - life is so exciting!

swooze said...

Wow for some reason I was thinking you were going to Tulsa. I may have to beg you to let me visit when I next go to OK City. Let me know when it is time to setup the sewing room. I could be available!

Anonymous said...

Had a female weimaraner that just loved drywall. Thought it was so yummy! Often wondered what drywall was actually made of to be such a big draw. She was the only one of the many dogs we had thru the years that did that.

2 Acres = lucky dogs!

You're making great progress.


Stephanie D. said...

Oh, good grief, I'm having vicarious panic attacks here!

Nope, 6 years is not long enough between moves. Gotta wait a while, no matter what DD suggests.