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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bringing Down the LongArm

Evelyn is rolling with the punches on dismantling the house.

Pearl, being a puppy, has been a little more perturbed.

Blessedly, although there is a lot of "stuff" out that normally is put away, she isn't inclined to eat things.

At her age, Jezebel would have eaten most of the boxes. In fact, when Jezebel was Pearl's age, we had to put a cage around the Christmas tree because she kept eating presents.

So today, we took down the long arm. Here it is with my weave quilt on the frame. I'd wanted to finish it before taking it down but since the moving van is coming next Saturday, I didn't have time to finish it even though I worked on it a couple of hours, yesterday.

To take down the long arm, I first took off the table top:

Evelyn kept me company.

The table top is in two parts. I stacked them, facing, then shrink wrapped them.

I think the whole deal looks very industrial.

I didn't take any time, at all, to take the rest of it down.

That trunk in the picture has my scraps in it.

Taking down the frame gave me a ton of extra space to stage things for the movers. The head is going in the car with me when we drive home. No offense to the movers, but I don't trust 'em.

I am very pleased with how the weave quilt is coming along. Here it is still up on the frame:

I took it downstairs to show husband and get it out of the way so we could take down the long arm.

Here is the back, so far:

I'd planned to try some feathers on the large green spaces but with the movers coming, I didn't want to rush it. I'll get back to it once we move but it may be next spring before the long arm is set back up.

I'm happy with the design and the colors. It was a fun quilt and one I may do again, someday.


Anonymous said...

That IS a beautiful quilt! And I am so envious of your 'industrial machine'! Maybe when I grow up, I'll get one too!!

swooze said...

You are making great progress. I am glad things have done so smoothly so far.

Infinity Quilter said...

I really love that quilt! I'll be looking forward to you bringing it back out when you get settled in! Happy boxing stuff up!

Stephanie D. said...

Spring? That's an awful long time to do without your long arm. Bet you're back on it by January.

Like Pearl, I need things in my mouth when I'm stressed, too. Chocolate-flavored works best for me.

American Made Quilting said...

Very Nice Quilt!

BilboWaggins said...

Taking down my longarm was really hard too. Worse for me - I was selling mine and it wasn't coming with us. It was 12 months before my new APQS arrived but in that time I was so darn busy I did not really miss it.

The weave quilt is looking fabulous - sometimes really simple quilting is all a top needs.

Glad to see the girls are copying well with all the upheaval.