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Friday, September 4, 2009

Mean Gurls

Pearl is such a sweet, innocent little girl.

Maybe not!

I am not sure I understand her strategy of leaning back on Evelyn and screaming at her over her shoulder. Seems to me, if she was serious about fighting, not only is she baring her neck, she can't see what Evelyn is up to AND, she is completely off balance.

Evelyn is completely capable of crinkling up her nose, too.

Sometimes, Pearl makes such a pest of herself that I separate them to give Evelyn a break. Lately, however, Evelyn has been acting the martyr and as soon as I put Pearl in her crate or make her lay down on the other side of the room, Evelyn gets one of Pearl's toys and wags it at her. This is new. Pearl has all but lost her puppy dispensation - you know - the latitude given to puppies by grown up dogs. Evelyn is developing a sly sense of humor that reminds me of our old girl, Sapphire. Sapphire was more expressive and you could see what she was up to by the gleam in her eye but Evelyn has a poker face until she zings. She suckers all of us. On a regular basis, I am just sure Pearl is abusing her and step in. Evelyn laughs when Pearl gets in trouble, the wicked heathen.

Do you notice the packing boxes in the background? Yup, I am actually packing to go home. Have I mentioned that? We don't know when it will be but I am optimistic it won't be long.

They are ferocious.

We have twelve tons of tomatoes so today I am making a big batch of spaghetti sauce. The house smells great. I threw in some cayenne to give it some kick. There is nothing like fresh tomatoes in a spaghetti sauce. It has been simmering all afternoon. I had hoped it would thicken up more than it did because that gives me an excuse to add more wine but it is holding steady on the liquid. Tastes pretty good.

I hope to do some quilting, this weekend. I had court this morning, went by the grocery store, prepared for some cases coming up in the next month, made the sauce and did some housework this afternoon, instead.

I hope you have a fun Labor Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!

Penny said...

Thank you, Anonymous - you too!

Miriam said...

Have a relaxing weekend. Lots and sewing and not too much packing. I can smell your sauce cooking from here.....delicious!

Phyllis said...

Such ferocios dog you have.....! I can just imagine I hear Evelyn screaming at Pearl.

Have a great weekend!

BilboWaggins said...
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BilboWaggins said...

It's time I said "hello" and stopped being a vicarious lurker. Your girls are wonderful and I get such pleasure from seeing your photos and the interaction between them. It is lovely to see two fur-babies cared for as much as you care about Pearl and Evelyn.

We recently lost our beloved boy and I found your website shortly before Ollie died when I could not sleep because I knew the end was near and was browsing online at 3.00am.